Monday, September 6, 2010

I Know...

Yes, there many things I know! :) Several things I do not know. My children start school tomorrow, and it is very emotional for me.(Oops, I started this a few weeks ago.) It' like there in the big leagues now, going to school everyday. I know I will miss them terribly! Those are my babies!

I know my children will be excited for quite a long while. They really like school and learning things. Jovan knows many things and this summer he learned the sounds that each letter makes! Not bad for a kid who spent quite a bit of time alone in the orphanage. I know that God kept him safe while I prayed and begged God for a family for him. He is an amazing little boy. During the open house at school he figured out on his own to get up to the drinking fountain to get a drink. My heart leaped with joy!!! His wheelchair fits under the tables he has and is at the height the other kids are at. Kristina has a desk and Jovan would be too short to use that. God takes care of every detail.

My daughter is excited to go to school! I know her language has improved this summer! I know she is understanding more and how to figure things out! I know I want the best in the world for her! I know that one day I hope I can explain about her "tummy mommy" and the HUGE sacrifice that she made to have Kristina live. I know that I think of that woman often and can still see in my mind the moment she handed Kristina to me and walked away down the street. My heart and I were so emotional!

I know that being a parent is not always easy! But it is something that I love!! I waited a LONG time to be a mommy! I knew since about the age of seven that I wanted to be a mom! Shortly after that I knew I wanted to be a mom with special needs kids! I know that was God who instilled that love and desire in my heart. He gave my husband that same desire!

I know that I love God! Not for what he does for me..that would take years to blog about! But I love God for who he is! To me God is comfort, greatest love, safe, and exciting! God is my father, the one that loved me before anyone else did. How cool, I rest in God's arms a lot!! I pray and desire God's will for my life. I know that Jesus died on the cross for me and took away all of my sins. Every one of them! Nothing can take that away. I have known Jesus since the age of five. Yes, and I remember exactly what happened and can still recall many of the words my mother talked to me about. I came to Jesus with my arms held high and wanting peace and love! I got it and so much more! :) I know there is only one way to heaven..that is accepting Jesus in your heart. Knowing that all of your sins are wiped clean and you will be adopted into the kingdom of heaven.

Adoption is always on my mind. I have been adopted into God's family, my father was adopted, and my children were/are adopted. So cool!! I know that it is God's will that we adopt our son. I also know that God's timing is perfect..I know waiting is VERY hard. I know that in the end it is worth every breath, every tear that I have shed waiting for our son to come home. I like the fact that I know many things...and I know that I must continue on with my day! :)

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