Thursday, September 23, 2010

Prayers Please!!...

Several months ago my friend traveled to a couple of Eastern European countries. While in one of the EE countries. This is her story... I met one little girl who, at 10 years old, was in imminent danger of being transferred. She'd already come from one horrible situation, and was now stable in a good place for 3 years, but was going to be transferred again. Our contact there begged us to help find her a family before that transfer happened, which I promised to do.

I just didn't know, right at that moment that family would be mine.

Fast forward a few weeks, when we had committed to adopting her. After dealing with the
Icelandic volcano at the delays it caused us in getting home, and a few other issues, we started our homestudy process, only to come to a screeching halt when it was discovered there was a paperwork glitch in the system on their end. This child was immediately removed from all registries until they could get it worked out.

That was in May, and it's still not figured out. Instead, the child's case manager doesn't want to deal with it, because this child is not worth the time or energy when there are so many other more
adoptable children needing homes.

At the end of July we decided to move forward in faith anyway! That if we got our homestudy done and through USCIS, at least when word came that she was ready, WE would be ready. Our homestudy will be on it's way to USCIS at the end of the week, and all we will have left to do is wait for their approval, then continue to raise money.

As I type, the future of this child rests in the hands of ONE PERSON who will decide her fate, and weather or not we will be able to adopt her, or she will be sentenced to spend the rest of her life in an institution. They have actually tried placing her in foster care first, but the foster families have refused to take her! Because of her craniofacial malformations, they cannot take her out in public there. The person in charge is going to try one more foster family before either moving her to the institution or releasing her for
international adoption. If she is institutionalized, the lack of medical care she desperately needs RIGHT NOW will mean the loss of what little vision she has left within a year or two at best. She will begin to suffer massive headaches due to cranial pressure due to lack of space for brain growth, and compression of her brain on her spinal column. Sentencing her to the institution will be sentencing her to severe neglect and painful suffering like no child... should ever have to endure.

But God can work all kinds of miracles.When one small person like me prays, he hears. But when we storm the heavens with prayers, he hears, and later we can all be a testimony to yet another miracle he performed in the life of a child.

If you would storm the heavens with me, that we could all see the miracle for this one child, what a testament to God that would be!

Can we all please pray for my friend and this little girl! Please God hear us praying and begging you for her life and please God bring her home. Amen

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