Monday, September 27, 2010

Our Meeting Day...

The day we met (actually met again) our son was a day I will never forget!!! Let me clarify something..we really had met Jovan before. We met him the very same day that we met Kristina. She was adopted in 2007. So we knew of his wonderful spirit, engaging smile and electric personality!!! God moved many mountains to have us adopt again and I give God ALL the glory!

The day before our Ministry appointment was the day we arrived in country. That night sleep was not really attainable. Nerves, excitement, and pure thank fullness were the emotions we had. In the morning we got memory was getting my hair all done and because of the humidity it went flat! :) Ruined TWO pairs of nylons!! UGH! Out the door we went!

Grabbed a taxi to a park where we met our facilitator. It was so great to see her again and helped to calm our nerves! Don't ask me why we were so nervous..we knew exactly what was going to happen because we had done it two and a half years earlier. We walked many blocks and arrived at "the building". After passing through security and after getting settled we started. The details of Jovan's birth choked me up!!! I kept saying to myself "don't you dare cry" and I only teared up! :) I will not share the details..but I will say there had to be a TON of emotions when my son was born.

After the meeting we got a cab and headed to the orphanage. We could have walked as we knew the way!! When we got on his floor they had him in the hallway and he knew we were coming! The sweetest thing I remember is that they told him that his mama and tata were coming from America. And what a meeting! I did NOT want to let him go!!!!! But I had to share! :) We played in this little room with toys and a book we brought him. Full of energy he was. I just looked at him and could not believe that we were there. Like a dream!! Our son, one who was wanted and waited for!! All of those years, months, days, minutes and seconds dreaming about this meeting paled compared to what it was really like.

My little it feels like he has been here with us since he was born! Today my mom said that it feels like he was born from my womb. Wow! Brings tears to my eyes. To know where my son started out and his physical condition to where he is right now is nothing short of miraculous!!! God's plan is amazing and if you follow along with God's will for your life you will be amazed at what wondrous things HE can do! We wanted God's will to be done more then anything!! And I knew we would be comforted if we were not allowed to return! Now that wonderful gift from God is sleeping down the hall!! :) Thank You God!!

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