Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Heart...

My heart is very sore and achy!! This morning Jovan said "doctor make my leg longer" and he showed me with his hands how long it will be. His orthopedic doctor is going to try and put some kind of prosthetic on his shorter leg to make it maybe possible to have him walk upright using a backwards (following behind instead of him pushing) walker. I told him that he would have to use a walker and he sounded so sad..then he asked if he still would need his wheelchair. I said yes...

I died inside!! My son so wants to be like a typical kid! He loves soccer and his special ed teacher called the other day and asked if he could play with his classmates (Jovan is in a regular classroom, but has a special ed tacher for his physical IEP)...I said yes, just take off his glasses. He plays the goalie I think. What do you say to a child who has a forever tough uphill climb to make in life. I know in his head he knows..and lately it is really coming out in many questions.

We always are positive about his situation and his mobility issues. He can do so many things!! So far about the only thing he can't do is bring dishes to the table or clear his plate from the table. I know we can probably figure out something to do for that (I have an idea)...but is it a big deal not to clear his space at the table? I don't think so!

In our home we all take care of the house according to ability!! Chores are a given here! Both Kristina and Jovan have their list. Jovan has recently taken the recycling down the steps to put in the garage. That is a big job and a little scary, but he wants to do it. He has about ten steps to go down to reach the garage door. And it takes him several trips sometimes..but he succeeds and it is awesome!!

My heart does not hurt so much...God is good, thinking about all the positive things he can do and just thanking Him for my son...every single inch of him!! Thank you for listening to this mother's pain...and NO I do NOT feel sorry for him, I just feel bad that I can not "fix" him the way he wants to be! But I think most mother's feel that way when their child has pain on their heart. Enjoy your children...every inch of them!!!

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Anonymous said...

He's such a joy, Tammy! And so is Kristina. He's going to do great things because of the parents and the encouragement they provide.