Monday, November 29, 2010


The definition of friend is: one attached by another by affection and esteem. I am sure lots of people have friends and some may even have LOTS of them. Growing up I had friends, really good friends and then they or we moved away. This happened all through out my childhood!! It was tough at times not to have friends...but I am truly truly blessed with the ones I have now!!

Why am I bringing this up? Well to be honest I have to say that something is really bothering me. It is breaking my heart and my eyes have tears quite often. It is about my son..our son who is almost 5000 miles away from us. He is loosing his friends..he sees other kids get their mommies and daddies and he wants them too. When I found this out it put a huge huge ache in my heart (and please don't tell me that God can heal it or whatever please, because I know and my ache is better, but still there). I have learned many things from God during this adoption process, but the pain in my heart just hurts. When I see our kids do something I want our other little boy to be in on it too. Thanksgiving, setting up our Christmas tree, playing in the snow, and so many many other things like that.

The thing that goes through my mind is, I am a true believer in Christ an adopted child of God! Then why oh why is this verse so difficult to live? We live by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7 (NIV) This verse should be easy to do now...but I sometimes have much trouble!! I know and have faith that God is holding my son in His arms right now! I know that God can and is my son's friend and that God is the best friend my son will ever have!! God will not leave my son ever! I can not see this, yet I sure believe it!! I have faith that it is true. And I am so very thankful that God loves my son unconditionally like me! God knows what a sweet boy our son is! He created our son, no other little boy is like him..

One day our son will have friends, hopefully a very close friend. I can not wait for the day that my son brings friends home! I can't wait for the day he calls Jovan friend! Kristina and Jovan tell each other that they are friends..I know they have room for more friends in their life..especially a new brother.

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