Monday, November 29, 2010

Up Up and Away...
This is not the actual picture of our plane or runway..but you get the idea. We are very soon (well if after the country's winter break in January) we are going to go up up and away to get our son!!! Praise God! Right now there is a new fundraiser going on to raise our son's expenses needed to come home. He is needing a medical exam, visa and plane ticket. Which is roughly $1500.00. You can see his fundraiser on my friends blog that is doing the fundraiser right here.

Right now I am looking into fundraising ideas and wish I had some cool electronic gadgets to give away, but right now I don' I am just leaving it open to whatever God does and however people are led. If anyone lives close enough I would clean bathrooms for a donation! :) For those who know me you know that the bathroom is my most favorite room to clean! :) (Really and truly!!) Have to have a little humor now..peace and joy are dancing in my heart because we are going to complete this adoption and close this journey and get our son!!!

We still have our fundraiser with Cardsforanymoment going on. The cards are so cute and I am
going to give both kids one of these when we leave! Isn't it cute?

I forgot to mention to continue to pray for us as we get ready to fly up up and away! There have been many many interesting and disheartening things that have happened to us along this journey. And MANY lessons I have learned from God while I have waited.. But, if I believe that God is in control and his timing is perfect then this LONG wait was HIS plan, not mine!! Soon, God willing we will be going up up and away.

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YES YES !!!!

We can not wait until the day you have your son in your arms!!!!

Big HUgs~
~The Campbell Family