Friday, November 12, 2010


I am finally posting the winners/gift recipients of our son's birthday party. Thank you so much everyone for being a part in bringing our son home!!! It was an emotional birthday...tears because he wasn't here for it, and joy that so many people have helped us bring us this far! And a peaceful feeling that we know God is in control of our journey and we trust Him!!!

So here goes..Angie C will be receiving the book
Jeannette W will be receiving the first sign
Julia N will be receiving the second sign
Jennifer R will be receiving the third sign
(You will be receiving an email letting you know as well!) :)

We are so thrilled to death that we are getting closer to our end goal!! A HUGE blessing from God!!!! Can't wait!! Makes my heart hurts a lot...waiting, not so patiently sometimes..but waiting. I have put a few clothes in his dresser..gotten his winter coat and boots ready..(now remember I thought Jovan was going to be the same size and the clothes were originally going to be his.) So our second son is getting hand me downs from his older brother! So sweet! :) I have only purchased swim trunks..they were marked down to a very low price.. :)

Well, we are in for some snow this weekend and I better get some things ready. Surprise my hubby and get the shovels and salt in their respected places and all set to GO!! :)


Jeannette said...

Am I possibly the winner of the sign? I never win anything!! Jeannette W!!!!

Do you need my address?

And patiently waiting... said...

Yes, you are my dear!!! Email!!!