Saturday, January 1, 2011

Holidays and Everyday...

We have begun a new year, a new beginning, a fresh start, slate wiped clean, and what ever else you say when a new year starts. This post will be about the new year and also the one that has just ended.

This past year for me has been filled with many many changes in my life. It started out with planning to be a mom of THREE children. To be honest, it was like "wow God are you sure?" I want as many children as God chooses to bless us with, but never really hit me like he would give us more. Does that make sense? After a few days of knowing this was from God, he was leading us I was thrilled to death and started planning. Finding out the needed info to adopt again.

Okay, according to the several people I talked to we were good to go. Great, then figuring out the finances. We had just brought home child #2 and needed to regroup and go forward with the financial part. There were plans for that and close to the end we were not able to get the resources. We were working on other options as well...but slower, much slower. God knew EVERY EVERY single step we would be taking following him! There were SO many people that have donated to us that means so much and we thank you all so very much! Never did I think or dream that I would learn to trust God so much more in spite of human opposition.

Faith, hope, trust, and patience in and with God! That would be my mantra for this past year. And NO I do not have each of those perfected...far from it. I try so hard (with God's help) to grasp each concept. Faith that our adoption will happen, hope that I am following God's path, trust that each step is solid, and patience waiting for our son to be home.

There are a a few instances that I panicked about things, it ended in a hurt friendship and it was because I panicked...but I should have had faith in God and in my friend!! And I should have followed and clung to my verse found in Romans 8:30 If God is for us then who can be against us. No matter what came in our way.

School was a big deal for us this year. One, they rode the bus and two, they go to school everyday. Some days I miss them terribly!! They are just two and a half miles away, but it seems like a million!! They have/had great teachers!! Love them!! Now their teachers will both be on maternity leave. Both teachers have wanted to be mommies for a long time and now they are going to be blessed to be!! I am so happy for them as I know what it is like to wait for a LONG time to be a mom!

My kids also have the BEST teacher that works with them out of the classroom. Works with them on tests and many other things. She also helps with meetings and making sure that both kids have everything they need. I can NOT thank her enough for taking such great care of my children.

Then as the year came to a close it was planning for and celebrating holidays. Holidays that one little boy did not celebrate with his family. No one but God knows how I have cried over waiting for our son. Sometimes I just ask God why? Why make this little boy wait for us? But, I am reminded that it is God that has control and that is what I want!! But this mommy wants the world to know that I can't wait to welcome that little boy in my arms!!! He already has my heart!!!

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