Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Quick Note...

Wow, we have been home eleven days! Time flies! Things have been going GREAT! Srecko is doing so well, other then the new language he is learning it feels like he has been here for a very long time, if not forever. He is learning the alphabet and has the song almost perfectly! He is learning colors, numbers, counting to five so far and writing his letters...he LOVES to see his successes!! As do all children...his eyes light up like a bright shining star!

The boys love having a room together, they play really well and they are both ALL boys! :) Kristina plays with Srecko more in an organized way...she is a girl after all! So Srecko is enjoyed by both siblings. Other then white milk, he seems to enjoy mommy's cooking. Jovan doesn't like white milk either...oh Srecko doesn't like sliced cheese. We learned that while we were in his country.

Let's see, we went to church on Sunday and the kids sat with us. We let the kids color and read books during the sermon...Srecko sat with his eyes glued to our pastor like he was soaking everything in!! Or maybe he was letting the Holy Spirit wash over him. Pastor was talking about peace. Until you know God, will you have peace with God!

Being a mom is such a wonderful person to be!!!!! I love it, and you all can NOT believe how thankful to God I am that he has blessed me by making me a mom! Hearing my kids giggle, and even struggle together is music to my ears. Things that they say, sometimes what they do, watching them succeed, just everything about them I love!! Don't get me wrong, my kids are not perfect...after all they are just kids and are learning everyday!

We have plans to go visit parks, go camping, go to the zoo, and the splash park! ALL of my kids LOVE water so playing in water has top priority in their eyes!!! Today we are planning on surprising my mom for her birthday. She is camping and the kids would love to see her! So for supper we are headed to visit her. Now, I think we are going to do some outside chores and planting. Kristina and I will be picking rocks from a pile we dug at while my parents were having some work done on their house. Hot and heavy work...then some splashing in water. Don't worry, it is NOT forced labor...she works hard so willingly! She hauls brush, digs rocks, shovels dirt and snow, sweeps, and does household chores. I hope that I can help her continue that willing spirit for the rest of her life...what an awesome servant to God she would be! Jovan does all of those things...but he needs some encouragement! :) But that's okay we are learning that everyone was made differently and they don't all like the same things. :)

I feel like I am just rambling...so much in my head, it's just tumbling out! :) Enjoy your day!


Anonymous said...

sound great, so happy for a fun summer with the three!! FYI funny about the cheese, AV hates it as well. Took her about a year to drink milk willingly and just now will she eat cheese-but she informs me that she only likes white cheese, orange is nasty, haha!! Good luck! congrats, Amy

Mama said...

It must be something with kids from Serbia. Vlado works his butt off and always with a huge smile on his face. He will carry wood, pick rocks, weed the garden....and giggles as he does it all. He is so proud that he can DO something! :)

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your day and your kids! You remind me so often to remember just that. Hope to meet the newest family member sometime soon - wish I knew when.