Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Wow, what a long long absence from here...  We did some re-arranging and I was unable to get to my computer and I was not able to blog from my children's IPad.  As you can guess we have had tons going on...  School is the BEST part!!  We all love home school!  The kids are thriving and we are even having fun learning...they all have different learning abilities that make learning tough for them, but we are succeeding!  They all can read now, and try to read everything they see...which is great!

On Friday we plan to take a field trip to the zoo.  Monkeys are what we are currently studying for science class, so we are going to see them live and in person!  For social studies we are studying current events, which brings all over the world...it is fun for them.

The holidays were busy and fun...it was hard (and still is) to do our family traditions without my grandmother with us.  So this year for Christmas we changed some things...we did our traditions that I grew up and added  some new ones.  It was a wonderful time!  Most of our family was there and it was so peaceful.  My hubby surprised me for the first time in about twenty years.  He bought me a set of DVD's of a series that took place in the early 1900's.  The series is called Larkrise to Candleford!  It is an awesome series!

What else?  Just daily living I guess...learning about school stuff, our relationships with God, getting along with others and manners...things like that.

Jovan is wanting to pray for our family a lot lately...he prays from his heart and it is lovely to hear and agree with.  We have talked about Kristina's condition of CF.  So he prays for healthy lungs so that she will not die.

Oh goodness, how could I forget that Kristina was in the hospital for seven days.  She just wasn't getting better from a cold and needed IV antibiotics.  This time they could not find a vein and had to do a picc line.  It was so scary!!  Normally it is done with an anesthesiologist and a sterile environment...but ended up doing it in her room with a "happy" (a strong pain medication) drug and local numbing to the site where the vascular nurse had to insert the catheter.  Kristina was a strong little girl...just a few tear at the start and away we went...it was success!!  We had lots and lots prayers and the woman said it went well and I told her that it was like God orchestrated it from the beginning.  She agreed with that statement!  Praise God and give him all the glory!  Hubby was able to stay with her the whole time so that was great.  The boys and I went down a couple of times...the weather wasn't so good for most of that week.

Well, I am re-organizing my file drawer and took a little break, now to finish up the project.  I am ready to spring clean and re-arrange stuff.  Hubby hates when I move things around, but I like to keep him on his toes!  So, I must go...but in a few days I will post some pictures.     

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