Friday, April 19, 2013


Nope, not us!!  Doing school, getting through the winter, going to all understand.
Here we are at Thanksgiving...we went to my sister's house.  It was very nice.  Normally we have EVERY holiday and birthday at our house.  Which actually I don't mind, but to go somewhere else was a beautiful change.  She had a houseful!  I love the fact that most of my family lives really close by to us.  Helpful to work together or have someone watch the kids.

My kids are going through a funny face picture stage...but they still are cute!!  My many blessings from God!

I was emailing someone today and they said that to homeschool was illegal in her country.  Sometimes I take for granted what we can do in America.  In our state we can teach our children at home.  I am so very thankful because all of my children need extra help to be successful with learning.  Growing up I knew that I would have children with special needs...I believe since the age of ten and wanted to be a teacher that taught kids with learning disabilities.  Guess what?  Can you believe that is exactly what I am doing?  I did not finish my college degree, I got married instead.  I do wish that I would have finished my degree first...but that is not what happened.

To be able to teach my children is such a dream and brings me such joy!!  We have fun...learning can be fun!!  We start our day reading the Bible and praying for people who need prayer.  It has made a huge impact in their lives.  They are thoughtful, loving, compassionate and caring children.  Who wouldn't want that?  

Right now I am waiting for one of my kids to finish their math work to be able to go outside.  We are all going outside to build snowmen.  It snowed about fourteen inches in the last two days...YUK, but we are going to get exercise!  We try to have a little fun on Fridays...and that is it!  Until later, I hear my child needing help with their math...again!

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Anonymous said...

So good to have you writing again. Sure wish we could see those kiddos more often. You are a great mom and doing exactly what you need to for you children. Hope the snow stops soon!~J