Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day...

Happy Valentine's Day!!! It's actually a fun little holiday. Hubby and I don't do a lot to celebrate...because it is like Valentine's Day every single day in our house!! I know sappy, but very true!! But I prayed for my husband!! One day I was running an errand for work and I prayed for God to take away the desire to be married or please bring him to me. I proceeded to tell God that I would just wait...but the man had to have a long last name, tall, someone who I could walk on the beach with, and love God. Of course not in that order, but you get the idea.

Well, TWO weeks later there was a new guy that started at work. Cute, tall, nice sense of humor and very kind hearted! I AVOIDED him like he had a disease!! If he walked into a room, I would walk out. This went on for weeks...never was I alone with him! We worked at a group home for people of all ages with disabilities. Down Syndrome, brain injuries, and just issues with being very delayed mentally. Anyway, it needed to have team work...something that I participated in but never with him! Fast forward a month...

It was his birthday and he was new to the area so two other married couples suggested he and I go to the movies for his birthday. I said okay and so did HE! We saw the movie Turner and Hooch. Cute movie! Anyway there is a sad part...tears started to flow and he was very forward and patted my knee!!! UGH! Then there was a day we had to work ALONE TOGETHER!!! I was just so ???? We were doing our charting for the evening and a pre-season football game was on...we finally talked more then just work related. Interesting guy and sweet. By the way we were in the living room which was HUGE and I was sitting as far away as I could! :)

Well that was a couple of weeks after the movie...and I guess we talked some more and even on the phone. We never went out...then one month after our going out with the other couples hubby asked me to marry him. Wow!!! But there was such a peace I knew that I was supposed to marry him. It took me a few months to tell him that I loved him. My love for him just blossomed like God was growing it for me!! So cool!

Eight months and two days after he proposed I was a married woman to the man God hand picked for me!! Thank you God!! By the way my hubby is tall, has a long last name, and we walked on a beach in California several years ago and best of all he LOVES the Lord!!

I know many other people have stories like that...but this is mine and I am SO thankful that I asked God for my husband!! We have been married 20 years eight months and nine days today!! And let me tell you our marriage gets better and better as the moments go by! Adding our children has just made it more well see him love our children, spend time with them, play with them, and take care of them just makes me love him even more. Every night he prays for our son that has not joined our family...he is just more then I could have imagined or wanted in a husband!! And there have been SO many times that I have thanked God for him!!

Enjoy your Valentine who ever it might be!! Spouse, parent's, children, friends, or just you.

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Anonymous said...

Sappy, oh yes! :) But to be expected...
Hope you are doing well. Miss you all!