Saturday, February 26, 2011

Still Here...

We are still here...just been so under the weather! All of us have gone through icky stuff and mommy rode in an ambulance the other day to the ER. Jovan was so happy to see the ambulance! And a few paramedics in the neighborhood came in their fire suits so that was the tops for him!! But my sweet son was very concerned that I come back. Of course I did after spending ALL day there..and I was seen right away and often. Better now...almost.

This week one grandmother had her birthday and I want to announce to the world that we missed it. It was mommy's fault..that's when I got really sick. So we have to think of something special to do for her... Wish she lived closer so that we could just pop over and have cake with her!! But, she lives a plane ride away.

Other then that we are plugging along...Trying to catch up on the little things, like laundry!!!! :) Any one want to help? hee hee Managed to keep the bathroom and kitchen clean...thanks to my mom!! The kids had her help the other day to get ready for school and had a nice's amazing what toast made by grandma can do! :) Better go...laundry buzzer is done. And mommy needs to run into town to have more labs drawn. YUCK!! Oh, and daddy is going out to play in the snow with the kids...(mommy will be resting) :)

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