Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Daughter...
I am SO thankful to God for my beautiful daughter!!! She lights up a room with her smile!!! My daughter has been under the weather for the last several days. She went to the doctor for just a check up last Friday and was very good health wise. Praise God!!! She has grown almost an inch since October!! I can't believe how tall she is!! Anyway, now she is not feeling good at all! And CRABBY oh my!!!!! Every time she coughs it chips away on my insides and makes my heart just ache!! The coughing and nose blowing has gone on for days!! Because of that we have been doing her neb treatments every four hours. I am so thankful for the medicine that we have that can help her with out sending her to the hospital!! Thank you God!! Enjoy your daughters and give them extra love! I know that is what I am doing today!!!!

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