Friday, September 9, 2011


I'll let that word sit with you awhile.

That word was talked about in church this past Sunday. (Started this post weeks ago and now even more weeks ago) And to be totally honest I was not sure what the message would be like...I thought ya there are a lot of persecuted Christians out there...then our missionary started to speak. She told stories of real live people in today's right this minute go through persecution. Why you ask are they persecuted? All because they love God! And will NOT deny that they love him!! Incredible!!

All I can think about is WOW...I love God and will NOT deny him either, but then there is a wow they are really suffering. It's easy for me to sit back and say I love God and chances are nothing will happen to me because I say it. For some reason Sunday it really hit me. I am very blessed to be able to say I love God over and over again!!

Then I thought about God's son who was persecuted and put to DEATH! Why? Because he was different. Well, he didn't look different on the outside...but it was the inside that was different! No one can see on the inside...except when the love of God showed right through him! Which was ALL the time, and I am sure that scared everyone to death!

I think about that Sunday a lot...and think about one man, a very special man DIED because his father wanted him to.. Talk about the ultimate pain! Physical pain for Jesus and pain for God to see his one and only sin die a horrible death!! Since being blessed with kids I think about how in the world would I let my child die...for someone else? Can't imagine one bit!

Jesus died for me, he did for everyone who reads my blog and everyone that doesn't. He died for EVERYONE in the world! He died so that if we believe in him...believe in him and ask Jesus to be with will become a child of God. God loves you, he made you... Think about it, he knew you even before your parent's did! Wow! I am glad that God loves me, I am his adopted child!

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