Friday, September 16, 2011

Quick Post...

Yes, I have lots to blog, Jovan's birthday and much more. But I just wanted to say that I am not sure if I am kinda crazy or what. My kids go to school 2.5 miles away and I miss them very much when they are gone. They all have AWESOME teachers and paras that work with them. Their case manager (like head teacher who keeps everything together) ROCKS!! She was I know hand picked by God just for me! We think alike and just move in the same direction!

Anyway, they are gone during the day and I sometimes go in the kid's room and sit. I just thank God so much for their lives. I know that sounds crazy...but hey I have only been a mom for four years three months and nine days!! :) And I LOVE it!! I have always wanted to be a mom since as far back as I can remember!!! And since 1976 I knew that I would have kids with special needs!! God brought me just the right man to help me be the best mama I can be! Hubby is out of this world wonderful!!

Tonight after the kids went to bed...(very punctually) I realized that my heart was full knowing that my kids were here with hubby and me. Peace in the house and it was NOT because they were sleeping either! :) Enjoy your family and thank you God for mine!!

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