Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Belated Easter...

Right away in the morning (we were getting ready for the 7:30 service) and my hubby greeted me with Christ has Risen! But he said it in Ukrainian like my grandmother would have if she would have lived. I answered him back Christ has Risen Indeed in Ukrainian and cried while curling my hair. Not only do those words mean something about my Savior...being saved by Christ, believing in Him that he paid the price with His life so that I may live with my heavenly Father forever!!! But to hear Ukrainian spoken again was wonderful!!

That is our family, the five of us...today I have been missing my grandmother and great uncle. I have been spring cleaning some more and found some very old pictures of my great uncle. Like really old. And I found a birthday and Christmas card from him...talk about sentimental memories.

I think I am just in a melancholy mood. Tired maybe... Remembering the days long ago and also a few children that we thought about adopting...where are they now type of feelings. Have to trust God on their safety and ultimately their lives.

The other hand I am so happy to be the mom of THREE kids! Really I am! THREE kids wonderfully and fearfully made by God! I know I have said that in other posts, but it is worth repeating!! I became a mother in 2002 but did not have that baby in my arms until 2009! And that baby is now nine years old and loving life! He loves to draw and talk about fire trucks a lot! I love him to pieces!!

Then I became a mother again in 2003 and that baby girl I didn't get to hold until 2007. She is delightful and the best little girl this mommy could ever have. She love to color and also is a wiz at putting together puzzles with OUT looking at the picture!! Drives me nuts putting together a puzzle with her...she won't let me look at the box to see the picture. She has a sense of humor that just makes you laugh and giggle right beside her!

Wow, then five short months and twelve days later in 2003 I became a mother for the third time!! But that little baby boy didn't come home to his mama's arms until 2011!! That little boy is very loving and sweet. He loves to play outside, go to school and learn all there is to learn about life!! Learning about how things work is very important to him. At the grand old age of eight, this little boy wants to drive a bulldozer or a garbage truck and have FIVE kids! Well at least I know I might be a grandmother if he gets his way and finds a wife that will take on that challenge!! But they could always adopt!

Just talking about them lifts my spirits! Such a generous and loving God that would bestow such blessings to us! He made it possible to become a mom three times!!! Only by his grace and patience could it have happened!! Patience was needed because I was always trying to drive the bus...especially for our first adoption!! But God knew exactly when and how I was going to be a mother, a huge desire of my heart!

What has been on the minds of the kids is that they are waiting to be able to play outside everyday! It was so warm for the season that they got to play out a lot in spring jackets but yesterday they had to wear winter ones...it's like we are going back into the deep freeze! That's okay they are tough kids!!

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