Thursday, April 19, 2012

My dad...

I have been trying to think about how far back that I have memories of my dad. It has been hard (I am old!!) to separate memories from pictures that we have. When I was little I remember my dad always busy. He was strict and don't remember him playing with me at all.

Fast forward to pre-teen and teenage years. Can I say ROUGH!! Oh my! Back in the day it was acceptable to spank your child and even have them eat soap. Yep, ate soap a lot because I was told I was disrespectful. And I wanted to say the same thing back to him. I still have a vivid memory of an incident that should have never taken place if he would have listened to me. But I am sure that we all have things like that happen to us.

We worked hard, or he made us work hard. There was a time that I wondered what my life would be like with only one parent...with him being gone.

Now, later in my life my father has changed. I mean really changed like night from day! He is living the way that God intended him to live. Christ like. I am in love with my dad and am glad that we have had many years together like that.

He shows me how to cook and bake and work with power tools! There are many things he lets me do myself like that. It is so fun!! I work hard now because I love my father and want to contribute.

When we adopted Kristina he went over the moon in love with her. I had never seen him display so much affection like he did for her! They have a very special bond and I love watching it.

The reason I am blogging about my dad is that he has a sick heart and is going in for a procedure that actually stops his heart then the doctors have to start it again. I don't know and don't want to know all the details because I am afraid! And he is afraid too! Very afraid!

Fear of losing him now that we have a great relationship! I know that God tells us not to fear and my dad would I am sure be happy to go home to Jesus...but I would miss him so much and after losing my grandmother I don't think I could handle another death. God is in control I know and I have to leave my burdens at the feet of Jesus and I will pray without ceasing for my father. He has surgery next week so please pray for his health and his heart that it will cooperate! He does not do well after procedures. And pray for God's healing!

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