Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Here is how the day meeting Kristina's mother went.  I had thought about that moment for a long time and what it took to meet us and know that her daughter was leaving Serbia forever with her future unknown.  Wow, bring tears to my eyes just thinking about it!!  Now on to our day so long ago.

We got up early and got ready to go and meet Kristina's mother.  I had thought about what I had wanted to say for months and months!!  Decided to just let the morning play out.

When we got to the orphanage, her mother was already outside with her.  My heart leaped for a spit second..then I had the most beautiful peace!!  I was glad!  God really held my heart in his hand!! Oh, we said hi and she tried to get Kristina to go to her new mommy.  Kristina didn't want to leave her mother's arms!  Okay, at that moment..I was sad.  In that split second, I thought what if her mother changed her mind?

We went in the orphange and told some of the nurses that we wanted to give her mother time alone with Kristina for a memory!  I thought that she would like that!  Then our facilitator came down and we all walked outside for formal introductions.  We chatted with her mother with our facilitator as the go between.  Well, I was very peaceful, then our facilitator started to tear up!  I told her that she was supposed to be the strong one!  So..we had a nice chuckle and it lifted the air to higher ground!

Her mother wanted to take Kristina to get her picture our facilitator had one of Kristina's PT's go with.  Dan and I stayed behind.  Our facilitator went to go get the last fax needed for Kristina to come with us for the weekend.  We had already gotten verbal permission...just needed that blasted signature!  UGH!!  Well we got it, so we could for sure take her for the weekend!  YAH!!! more twice a day visits..and the watchful eyes of some of the nurses for two days.

But, our facilitator kinda put a damper on things by saying that they still did not know where the minister was.  He was so busy and that we are his first adoption.  I thought to myself..boy, I hope we get it before our plane tickets say we can go home.

Well, we took pictures..and I gave her our gifts.  I gave her mother a pink photo album.. And a butterfly necklace.  To me it symbolized the fact that she was setting Kristina free to be healthy and we also decorated her room with butterflies!  Her mother was touched!  And I also told her that I have one and when Kristina was old enough to understand..she will get one too.  I am glad that she was happy, I think that day was a good memory for her.  I watched her walk down the driveway and around the corner..until I couldn't see her anymore.  That is a  memory I will never forget.  At that moment our lives changed forever!

Dan and I were now getting excited to get on with getting her "home" with us. Kristina knew something was going on as well...she wouldn't eat her lunch...  And then Dan and Kristina went for a swing...can you believe it.  They were just ansty to go.  Well, we got her meds together..I knew about problem.  The nurses got some stuff ready for Kristina..her favorite shoes, and a bunch of other things...I tried to tell them that it was okay...we didn't need them..but they insisted.  So, that was an awesome blessing..because the things I had brought were too big for her.. Even the white sandels are too big...that is what socks are for right?

Anyway back to the story...while the nurses were getting her meds and stuff together our facilitator came out of nowhere and said the papers had been signed.  I said what?  She said the papers had been signed, Kristina is yours..the minister was found and he just now signed the paper.  I said what?  She said Kristina was ours forever.  I said what? and I said what? again.  And she said if I asked what one more time she didn't know what she was going to do. I couldn't believe it..I shed a few tear..because I was in such shock...But God knows me..very well.  He's my kinda guy!  Cool to the last detail!  She was coming "home" and she was ours...really ours!!  That is the most perfect way I would have liked it to happen!  Again God is so good to me!!

Well, they called a taxi for us, and we loaded up and drove away to "home"..Tata is front seat, mama and Kristina and stuff in backseat.  She was so excited, she loves car rides!  Well, we got to the apt and we unloaded the taxi and walked to the door of the building.  She did not seemed to get scared at all.  We walked up the 7 stairs to the apt. and Dan opened the door and she went right in.  The toys came out only after a few minutes and all over the floor and coffee table they went.  She acted like she had been her a long time!  We played for awhile..ate lunch and we tried to lay her down..that was not going to happen.  So after about an hour and a smidge we got her up and changed her and then we went for a walk.

Now, mind stroller a very excited, kinda sleepy, and sweaty girl =hot parents!  We carried her off and  went on an excursion to look for a stroller and I knew the Chicco store (a store that sold kids things) was close by, but could not see it or find it!  UGH!!!!  We walked death!!  And boy were we sweaty!!  ICK!!  So we were kinda like floppy wet family!  :)  Then we washed up and I made supper.  We had fish sticks and potatoes, with yellow beans.  And of course, mommy smashed it together for Kristina.  And mommy put it in a regular bowl.  Her face lit up like a lightbulb!!  She giggled!!  And then she ate everything up!!  She played after supper...

Bedtime was let us say...difficult.  But she eventually fell asleep.  Tried the "Super Nanny" tricks of putting her to bed each time she got out without saying a word to her... It only..took 3 times,  Mom and tata suceeded.  She woke up very happy!!  So that was very good!

So that is the story of how we became three!!!

Now, after all of these years, I still remember watching her mother go...still has has a tender spot in my heart!!  And I think about her OFTEN!!!!  Wish she could see Kristina now!  What a beautiful little girl she is.  Tender and sweet!

Oh, the first day full day Kristina was with us I was flu like sick!  But Kristina still played with me and her Tata!!  It was a great day in spite of me being sick!

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