Sunday, June 3, 2012

A few days later...

Sorry, I haven't kept up with the days.  We (my mom and I) had a trial garage sale on Saturday.  The "real" on is this Thursday and Friday as it the city wide garage sale days.  Okay, let me just say...OH MY GOODNESS, the work we did!!!  But, while we were setting up I made a huge sale...and then more the next day.  I kept telling God that I didn't want to be greedy...and he knows what our needs are so I will just go with the flow.  But did I say how much work they are?  But since we got most of it should be better this coming week.

So the days we missed...let's just start with Srecko one year ago.  June 3rd was the day we were able to go to Srecko's school and watch the last day of school program.  He was so excited!  I posted video of him a few posts back.  To meet his teacher and see where he spent a little part of his day was priceless!  I was so overcome with so many emotions...okay, should I be totally honest?  Here goes...when I went into the school I was afraid that he would miss so much of his life that he would always wish he was back doing what he had been doing for the last seven years.  In spite of his life in the orphanage he was a happy boy, easy going (for the most part) and very lovable!!  Afraid that as a mom I would not meet his expectations...afraid he wouldn't like me.  Then there was the other side of the coin, the mother who was so happy that her new son could show her a part of his life that was important to him.  To meet people he loved and would miss! (He still talks about many people even a year later)  And then the proud mama that watched her son sing his little heart out!  To watch him in what was probably the best thing to happen to him in a long time...he was beaming light a ray of light!  I had tears in my eyes as I watched him and so proud of him for working hard at singing.  That was awesome!

I have lots of video that I took of that performance!!  Something that I have watched off and on this past year...wondering what Srecko might think if/when I show it to him.  Memories...what can I say!

Now on to Kristina and FIVE years ago. (it does NOT feel like five years has gone by)  I skipped the last two days because nothing big happened...I am off somewhere...I'll combine days now after this one...

I shall just start this by saying GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD!!
 Got your attention?

Okay..we got up early to walk to the Pekabeta to get some bread (yum) to make sandwich's for lunch.  We planned to stay at the orphanage especially if the NURSE was know which one! (The one who was ALWAYS crabby with us and wouldn't let me do anything for Kristina)

Anyway, when we got back from the store...we got a buzz at the door and it freaked us out.  There was a man from Beorent (our apartment rental place)...he brought us 5 bags of stuff!!  It was like Christmas!!!  We got pans and towels and laundry soap, storage containers, tea, coffee, sugar, oil, grater..jello molds, strainer, and dish rags...oh and a Belgian waffle maker!  It took our breath away.  We just wanted a bowl..oh, which we got too.  And a bigger pan and some towels...we did not ask for the rest.  But, let me tell you..I feel like I can give to the world with all the gratitude we feel!!  My goodness!!  God was way to good to us!!  Spoiled!!

We got to the orphanage in a cloud!!  The feeling of greatfulness, and in awe of God!!  Our baby was excited to see us!  She was playing with her tea set.  Well, of course we went out to the swings.  Then I wanted to ask a nurse about Kristina's meds.   I ran into our facilitator and she told everybody was ready for the adoption, except they needed the minister's signature.  UGH!!  He is a new minister, and we would be his first adoption. so no one is really pushing him.

Our facilitator said she would try to talk to Kristina's Center and whomever else she needed to find out if  we could take Kristina for the weekend...  She came down later and said "well they would let us have her for the weekend, but they would need our passports, if that was okay"  We said "no problem"!! And we asked if they would need anything else.

We played a little more in her room, feeding  her babo's and tickling her!  Kristina's favorite nurse came by and started hugging and kissing her..can you all guess what I did?  If you guessed are correct!

It is so hard for me, especially to see the nurses that love her!!  She has had more care and love, then most of the other children.  So my heart hurt very much!!!

We did her treatments...I did both...we played in her room and outside.  She ate lunch and we went home. We ate our sandwich's and then walked up to the Lilly...for I forgot what.  Anyway, we walked thru a market!  Interesting, and can't wait to go back and by some veggies and some chicken!!  Wahoo!!

We went back to the orphanage and she was still sleeping!  That was good!  Hubby and I chatted about this weekend with our daughter and how weird that is!!  We also meet Kristina's mother tomorrow!  I am a bit overwhelmed..and will have so many emotions!!
Kristina woke up and has a stinky diaper...whaoooo  We then went out side and played, being told where to stand and sit by her.  Pretty bossy!!!  :)  Hubby and I were still stunned!!  She had her snack, and let me tell you her tea drinking days are over!!  What is the nutritional value of tea?

I am tired I will finish day 12 in the morning!!  Sorry, I can hardly see the screen!  Keep making mistakes.   It worth it though!!

I am sorry, I had almost finished typing day 12, then it disappeared!  I was very discouraged, and just quit!  My loving..husband told me to finish it, as it was a memory of our trip and our daughter...UGH

I have to think...oh, yeah..after Kristina had lunch, we went home to go exploring before Kristina came for the weekend.  We walked up to the market about 6 blocks from our front door.  Wow, what an experience!  So many stands of just stuff and then the fruit and veggie stands.  We were just scoping the place out to see what there was to see.

We went back to the orphanage and got her up and went outside to play!  We had a good time, playing on lots of things!!  She had her snack and her treatments, which I did!!  No more nurses for my daughter!!!  :)  Then we went back outside before dinner, and Kristina, the daughter we had only know 10 days went down the slide completely by herself!!  When we first arrived to see her, she could hardly walk to the swings..remember when I thought she had an inner ear issue?

Well, she needed plain old fashioned fun!!  No electric entertainment, nothing!!  Fresh air!  No smoke!!  Just absolutely God blessed weather for the our family!  I can't tell you that the blessings that we have had, with the weather and the taxi company finally knowing and understanding where we were and where we wanted to go!!  Sounds like not a big deal to some...but the rest of you know!  I think!!  :)

After Kristina had her supper, we went home and waited to eat supper later.  We walked down to the end of the street and turned right...walked down about six blocks, then I have NO clue!  We were looking for children's things.. Found some, and oh my, not at the prices we saw.  They were like boutiqes!  No places like Target or we walked, and walked and walked some more!  We walked for 3 hours and a smidge.  We did not buy a thing!  And, I am pretty good at knowing the conversion rate!  :)

So, when we were walking home we were not 100% sure of the street we turned down to get to out street.  I was past dark!!  We hurried as fast as we could without looking scared out of our minds!  I was more out of mine then hubby was!!  We made it home, it was very late.  My husband thought of Mc Don's..but I said are you crazy!!??  It was dark and that was another 6ish blocks in the other direction!  No way!!  So, I ended up making these wonderful deli like sandwiches!!  Yum!!

Then it was much too late to communicate with all of you!!  Sorry!

Well, we had a busy day..and our feet got walkin' all over town!  :)  We were very proud of ourselves for walking!!  And not dying!!  :)

Now, even five years later I remember that day like it just happened!!  Wow, memories!  Wait until tomorrow, and I will blog tomorrow about meeting Kristina's mother and a couple of days after...

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