Thursday, May 31, 2012

Through A Child's Eyes...

Today was the last day of school for our kids.  YAH!  So glad for many reasons!  But today on the way home something happened...wait I will back up a second.  Today I was moving things around to get ready for a garage sale I am having on Saturday.  (I have already sold stuff and I am just setting up!)  Anyway, I found my grandmother's walker...and it had a tie on it that she used to use to pull herself up on to stand.  I cried and held it to my face like she was touching even had her smell.  Makes me tear up just thinking about it!

Well on the way home from school we past by a nursing home and Srecko said "I saw Buni".  (that is what we called her because my brother could not say grandmother in Ukrainian and shortened the word!)  Then I said "sweetie that was maybe someone's grandmother, not Buni because she is living with Jesus now".  Then Jovan says "she needs to come home, she has been gone a long time and I miss her!"  I said "me too"!

I don't know for sure if my kids understand the concept of heaven...but this I do know-I believe God has given my kids a peaceful understanding of what we are trying to teach them.  Jovan is VERY his mommy, bless his heart!  He is very compassionate...Srecko is very matter of fact, it needs to make sense and add up.  But he is very thoughtful!  Kristina is just quiet...but she will add her opinion in when she thinks it fits.

Someday I hope they understand more about heaven, truly know and understand God and have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!  In the Bible John chapter 14 verse 6 says- Jesus answered "I am the way truth and life. No one comes through the Father except through me."  Chapter 14 talks about Jesus preparing a place in heaven if you know God...his house has many rooms.  We had a picture hanging in our dining room when I was growing up of a table that looked like it went on forever and ever.  Gold, white and light blue were the colors...very regal looking!  It was a table like it was made for heaven and that Jesus would sit at.  I always looked at that picture and wondered where at the  table I would be sitting at and what my room would look like when I go to heaven.

I need to go and care for Kristina...this is the second night in a row that she is suffering with her CF.  Coughing ALL the time...tears rolling down her face because she is with tears because I can not stand to see her this way and she is SO tired...she had a very late night last night...Oh God help her, give me the wisdom to know the right thing to do...PLEASE!!  Thank you God that you have allowed me to be her mama for five years, I am very blessed and thank you too for hearing my prayers!  And others who are praying for her as well!

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