Sunday, May 20, 2012

Guess What?...

Five years ago we landed on Serbian soil for the first time to adopt our daughter!!

That's hubby in our hotel room waiting for our ride to the apartment we rented.  We were VERY tired!!!  And hungry...airplane food is not anything like home cooking.  When you are hungry enough you will eat it though...except for the sandwich on the flight from Amsterdam to Belgrade!!!  No way!!!  (On the way back to the US we went through London and we ate it because we were then used to food like that!)  Funny how that works!

We would not have had to rent the room in the hotel if I would have told our pick up person the right flight info in the first place...oops!!  And my important papers got left at home and one thing on that paper was the guy's number!  Thank goodness my hubby still loves me!

I may have mentioned this story somewhere else on my blog and for that I apologize!!  Anyway, we got to the Belgrade airport and went through customs...not very stressful!  Then we walked into where everyone meets you and you catch a ride or drive yourself away.  (Like our driver would have been there)  Our driver was not there, and we were starting to get worried!!  Well VERY anxious!!!  So I prayed VERY hard and with great great peace I knew that God would not abandon us...even in a foreign country!!  It is a hard feeling to describe...I had a peace like an understanding that God wanted us to totally depend on him...and not do things our way.

In the Amsterdam airport we met a couple who were going back to Belgrade for vacation.  They lived abroad and went back to visit family for a few months of the year.  We talked for a long while waiting to board our plane.  I bring that up because they had friends that met them at the airport to say hi!  After waiting until the crowd was really thin and trying not to looked freaked out of our minds, the friends walked over to us and asked us if we needed help.  So we told him what had happened and he asked us if he could give us a lift somewhere.  Fear weld up inside as I asked God if this was his answer...yep it was!  Then he loaded us up in his car...piled our four suitcases, us, his wife and son in the car.  Now mind you the cars in Serbia are NOT big!  He dropped of his family and took us to the nearest hotel...without charge!!

The room had to rented for the day even though we were going to stay a few hours to find out how to get to where we needed to be.  Got that situated but it was going to take awhile, so we ventured out to look for food.  It was Sunday and nothing appeared to be open...we walked around a few blocks and said to each other that not a soul knows where we were except God!  Kinda a weird feeling...

While we were waiting we went back to the hotel and ordered a pizza and two cokes.  When the pizza came so did our we couldn't even eat.  The apartment was lovely.  We just looked a pictures and they have remodeled in the last five years.  Here is where you can check it out.  They built a wall between the dining and living rooms.  And the kitchen has been remolded...added an oven.  We had three burners...and very little cookware!!  We survived our three week stay without too many issues.  It came with internet as well!!  Stay tuned for the continuing story of our adventure to our daughter!!

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