Monday, May 28, 2012

Catching up...

 The swing!!  That was the important activity!!!

 The sandbox was also something she liked to do!  Very sweaty that day!

 Kicking the ball around one day was so exciting!!

 Oh, after being all sweaty she had to put on lipstick to look good!

 Playing with mommy down the slide and not being afraid anymore!

My favorite picture..or one of them!  This was right after I had given her a bath in her room!

Let's see for the last several days what you all have missed...well I should say back five years ago.  I will edit  and shorten what I put in a journal back then!

We got to the orphanage and she was still sleeping.  She is so precious!!  To wake her up we kissed her and whispered her name.  She reached up to me and said mama.  Then she reached over to Dan.  She sometimes calls him mama instead of tata.  She is learning.  She had her snack...then we dressed her and took her outside.  (They dress them in pj's for their naps.)

Then we went to the swing of course!!  We brought her a 'Sippy Cup") that has a straw in it.  She loved it!!  We refilled it and she was thrilled.  We walked around then we went over to the sand box.  Then we went for her pounding (that is what I called it before I knew the name)  and her neubulizer treatment.  I tried to do it again..but this guy said I was not doing it right, so he finished.

The trip back outside was uneventful...went swinging and played in the sandbox.  She rummaged thru my purse and found lipstick...she will be a girlie girl and a rough and tumble one with attitude!  :)

Well, the next day which was quite eventful!  I started out my journal post with this:
Lived through Taxi strike
Taxi driver survived being shot
Police in riot gear on every corner
Daughter eats sand
Daughter discovers Visa card
Stadium mob invade streets
Military arrives in force

Well, we found out late yesterday that the strike was due to a driver being shot by some stupid teenagers.  UGH!!

We walked though the door and nearly got ran over by a crying little child with her arms outstretched to both of us.  She went straight out to the sandbox, instead of the swing!!  YEAH!!!  We have been trying to get her to do other things then to swing!  She was having a blast!  Then it was time for her afternoon treatment and I was able to do it!  Score for mama!  Then outside to swing and in to eat lunch and nap with her pj's on.  We laid her down and she cried.  Heartbreaking!

After getting home, we ate lunch.  I had bread with strawberry marmalade, and a little tiny peach.  Dan had a lunch meat sandwich.  I slept for an hour, trying to feel better.  And I felt much better after I woke up.

The walk back to the orphanage was?  There were riot police standing on every corner.  Now, we are from a small city that has between 8-12 thousand people.  (I think, maybe more)  Anyway, I was I told Dan that I wanted to ask them what was going on.  There were really not many people on the I walked up to them...trying not to show fear, and asked if any of them spoke English.  Oh, please was going on in my head.  And we found a nice looking young! man to answer our questions.  I asked him what was going on and did we need to be nervous.  He said no, and I said we come from a small city and don't see this.  He said it was because of a football game.  So, we continued our walk.  We made it without anymore problems.

She was in her room playing and was very happy to see us.  The nurse told us that she had been waiting for us.  She did not sleep we were told.  We went straight to the sandbox and bypassed the swings again!!   Kristina was having a blast digging rocks and shells out of the sandbox.  Then she did it...she ate some.  Oh, boy!  What a face..I got out a wet wipe and wiped her face!!  She continued to play.  Then a nurse came out with her snack.  Tea and 2 chocolate bars.  I said no to the chocolate and told her we had crackers.  We were also told that she does not chew...she was chewing her tiny ritz and goldfish type crackers just fine.  

After that was done we went out to swing and play in the box again.  She was soo dirty, that I gave her a bath and got her in her jammies.  The nurse was so nice, I asked her if it was first bath that I gave my daughter.  Do you think we got a picture?  Naw, not us..we were so into her bath that we didn't get one.  I changed her and we were hanging out in her room waiting for her supper.  That is when she went rummaging thru my purse.  Anything to keep her busy, because she wanted to go back out a swing.  Mama said no...and crabby girl came out.  She went to her tata and my purse.  The first thing she pulled out was my Visa card and said MAMA!  And handed me the card.  She went thru everything in my wallet.  Kept her busy...YEAH!!  Then she ate more slop..unrecognizable by our tastebuds or tummies!!  We said goodnight and hugged and kissed her and the confused look on her face was so sad!!

We found our way back to the main road and decided to try out this new grocery type place.  Jackpot!!  It was bigger then the Pekabeta by our apt.  We found little tissue's like I have from the states.  We found boil-able foods..., this amazing chocolate like almost a kit-kat bar!!  Oh, my goodness!!  I wanted to give up sweets, but oh, my goodness!!  We found canned ham, and SALT!!!  No pepper, but SALT!!  Crackers for Kristina,bread and kobasica...spelled in US a little different, but you get it.  Couldn't work the scale, so no onions or potatoes.  Bummer  We paid and left.

Walked out of the door to chanting.  Wow we thought scary and looked behind us and a mob of people were following  us.  The pace that we were walking was NOT fast enough so we sped up a big bit!!  The police were walking in and out of the crowd.  The biggest mob, I'd have ever seen!  Chanting something in Serbian...didn't understand a word and it was getting louder as we were walking!!!!!  Okay, I was freaked out!!  And then if that wasn't enough, as we got to the last busy street, the military showed up in several I mean several jeep trucks.  We turned down our street and looked back and the mob had stopped and there were a ton of poeple standing in a HUGE crowd!!  We looked back and sped up our pace again!!  Then we made it home...glad to be safe!!!!!

We got up and readied ourselves then we walked down to the bank of Greece.  Kinda cool!  Then got more Dinar to take taxi's and buy stuff.  Then we went to the orphanage...after a long taxi ride..stuck in traffic.

Kristina was excited to see us as normal,  :)  We went outside and all the swings were taken.  So we wandered around..she was kinda sleepy..Then a swing opened up and she was happy.  We just kinda hung out.  I put her meds in her nebulizer..but they didn't let me do her pounding..  UGH!!!  We played a little bit more and watched her eat lunch and left to go back to the apartment.

Dan stayed in the apt because we were told that the high speed internet would be installed.  So, I walked to the Pekabeta by myself!  Walking the streeats of Belgrade by myself!!  Scary!!  But I got the groceries to fix for us.  And I bought pork chops!!  Wahooo!!  Then I had a mortadella sandwich!!  :)

The taxi ride to see Kristina was good...then we saw our baby girl.  She was still in her jammies, so we started to change her..she had a dirty diaper.  The first one we had...thought about framing it...but we decided aganist it. Then we went outside and she went to the swings.  She was tired as she really doesn't nap any more since we have been coming.  It's hard on her as well!!  UGH!!!  She was swinging for awhile, she played with a little baby..she was so gentle.  We did her neubs and went a wandered outside.  She went down some slides..and played with some toys. The tiredness had really set in. We went in to give her a bath and get ready for supper.

She absolutely LOVES her bath guys should see her, she is so neat and tidy..So cute!!  I got her ready in her jammies and helped her eat her dinner.  We then left to go home.  A thunderstorm started up while she was eating.  We walked down to the guard house to get our passports.  They call taxi's for us...well because it was raining, there were NO taxi's.  So we had to walk home.  It had lightened up a bit...but it was still wet...Boy, we were beauties!!  We stopped at this cheesest toy store...but we needed something to occupy her if it rained tomorrow.

Made it back to the apartment and cooked dinner.  And surfed the net on a faster speed!  YAH!!
Sounds exciting doesn't it?  Well, let's just say it was!

So that was the extent of the last couple of days (five years ago) the next several are going to be tricky, you just have to wait and see!  I'll give you a tiny is five years and one is one year.  Got it?  Good for those who catch on fast, the rest will have wait one more day!

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