Friday, May 18, 2012

Than and Now...

We went to Srecko's last day of school program.  Srecko went to a school just for kids with Cerebral Palsy  (CP) while in Serbia. The program was created by a young man who had CP as well.  It was so special to be able to go and see his program!!  Before we left to adopt Srecko we went to Jovan's and Kristina's end of school year plays too!  So for me as a mom it was the best!

Srecko looks so young in this video!  My sweet little boy is growing up faster then I can stand!  It was almost one year between videos.  The first one is in May of 2011.

This year later May 2012 he is talking in English and can retain most of his poem...which to me is quite long compared to some of the other kids!  We do not and may never know the extent of his brain injury so we have been taking school one day at a time.  He can spell words, loves math...can do simple problems in his head.  He is now wanting me to spell everything I say to him!  This summer we will continue to work on school related things!  

I am so utterly thankful that I could be there for both programs.  And especially thankful to God for allowing me to be a mom to a very special child!  I am so blessed!

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