Monday, May 21, 2012

Finding Food...

Okay, five years ago today was finding food and other essentials to survive day.  Hubby and I walked out of our apartment through the courtyard to the sidewalk.  We stopped dead in our tracks and didn't know which way to turn...we were a wee bit chicken.  Probably not my hubby, but I had enough sheer terror for the both of us.  All I could think about was getting lost!!  We went back into the safe refuge of our apartment and looked for maps of the city!  Success!!  A map would be our guide...and then we weren't thinking, we could just walk up and down our street and see what there was.  Yeah, that's what we did!!  Up two blocks was a little tiny store called a Pekabetta.  Then up the block we found another and the greatest find was a big market!!  The market was huge and had EVERYTHING you could think of needing!  Which would come in handy later that week!

After we ate some bread and lunch meat we walked for hours!  Up one street and turn back and go up another...and being brave to cross the sidewalk even with the traffic ZOOMING by us!!  We did enjoy our day, and a little apprehensive about our meeting to hear about Kristina and then to meet our daughter!  Stay tuned!

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