Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Today, one year ago and five years ago...

Today my beautiful daughter is home sick!  She is miserable!!  And she only has two days of school left...don't know if she going to make it!!  Poor baby!!

One year ago today we landed in Belgrade, Serbia to adopt our third child.  Other then being SO nauseated the whole trip it was uneventful!!  I made sure I had those little tiny bags right in front of me!  We paid for the upgrade in seats to be more comfortable!!  Worth every penny!  But first class looked nice too!  Maybe next time?  Yeah right, one ticket in first class is one adoption I am sure!

We had rented an apartment closer to the orphanage...the closest we have ever been.  But let's just say not the nicest...comfort or close?  Close is what we picked.  And for that we were happy!

Now onto five years ago.  Our converter went crazy and didn't work for a while...so here goes the next day.

I am back!!  Anybody miss me?  God is so AWESOME!!!!  I spent a little time jiggling the adapter..and it worked!!  Oh, how it feels so good to have a God that cares about the littlest details!!  WOW

Anyway on to day 10....
We got up and got our stuff ready to take to the orphanage.  The bag of clothes for the kids, Kristina's neubulizer, and the bag of stuff we take everyday!  Oh, I was hoping we were not going to have to walk!!  :)  When I called the taxi they knew where we lived..I finally said it right!!  I think!!  Yeah!!

We were sent to get Kristina passport and visa pictures.  I couldn't believe it!!  Dan was shocked when I went outside to tell him!  Of course, he was out with Kristina and the swing.  :)

Then we went for a little walk...you all know it and the rest of you will!  :)  I worked hard not to cry!! (some of you know how emotional I am)   She fell on the way there and got a scraped knee!!  :( We went with her favorite PT.  We got to the photo shop and she got her picture taken... she usually smiles, but this time NO!!  The fruit and veggie stand was close..so we got a few things while we waited for the pictures.  The walk to the orphanage was just fine. We did her normal routine, but during that time she got 2 shots.  OW!!  I walked out and told my husband to stand with her.  The nurses held her down..then she was crying out for mama..so I came back in and she ran to me when she was done!!  I teared up with her!  If you can believe it!!  Then we went on with the usual neubs and then the pounding. Oh, and of course the swinging!

After she had eaten we said good-bye and went home to figure out the adapter...it did not work!!  Oh, how I prayed for it to work!!  Stupid thing!!   I felt like my heart was ripped out again!!  Like we were losing touch with mankind!!  (can you tell we don't get out much!) My husband was not as emotional as I was!!  :(  Oh, it was tough...but we said we would do what we could do..then see what would happen.

The trip back to the orphanage was uneventful.  Then we got there, she was still sleeping!!  Yahoo!!  That meant that she was finally sleeping!!  So, maybe she was relaxing into a routine.  She woke up and changed her and then went out to the swings!  Of course!  Then we made her walk around the playground..distracting her...We try to get her off the swings to do other things!!  We want to see what she can do and what she likes.  I do have to say that her balance is soo much better then it was when we first met her.  She likes to go to the swings and pretend that there are babies in them.  So, we played on the playground, not just the swings as a family.  She had her treatments and then Dan played blocks with her...something different.

By then it was time to give her a bath, which she loves to peices!!  I can't wait to see her in a big tub!  Right now the tub she is in looks like a minature claw foot tub like a doll would sit in.  Probably 3' long, by 2' wide and deep.  She is so cute!!   After her bath she had supper and we went home.

We tried the adapter...no such luck...but a little later I found out if you hold it a certain way..you have power.  We used my curling iron as a sacrifice, as it is cheaper then a laptop!  hee hee  I hurried with what power we had left in the computer to email my mom to call us!  We were so needing to visit with my mom!!  I thought I had the correct numbers, I didn't!!  So we went to bed very disappointed!!!

I am close to my mom, and missed her like crazy!  We talked several times...and that was before I knew how GREAT Skype is!!

So, one year ago we landed in Serbia to adopt number three and five years ago we spent the day with our daughter...kinda cool!

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