Sunday, May 20, 2012

An Explanation...

I found this great video to explain Cystic Fibrosis.  It explains it very well!  And right now Kristina is trying hard to get well.  She has been sick for awhile now.  It's hard for her to shake it...but she goes in for her third re-check in a week or so!  Praying all is well as we really don't want another hospital stay!  We had one in 2008 and praying we NEVER have one again!!  In Serbia she was in and out of the hospital ALL the time!!  She has so many tiny little scar marks on her hands from all the needle pokes!  That made me sad when I first saw that!!

Thank God for your "healthy" children and please pray for a cure...they (the scientists) are really close in doing so!  And I will kiss my daughter tonight and thank God for her life!!

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