Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Here is our big news from last year.  Not too many people knew we were flying on a jet plane to become parents once again!  It took a long time with many bumps in the road, but through God's grace we made it!  I had so many feelings that day!  (And I was still nauseated!!!)

Our meeting with the adoption officials went really well.  This adoption we had GREAT people from COCI (Cherish Our Children International) helping us this trip!  It was wonderful to be able to do what we could on our own, and be able to also have people to help out when we needed it!  From getting a pain reliever for my knee to BIG help with Srecko's passport!

Now five years ago we didn't do much other then visit Kristina.  We really never went anywhere...think I was most scared of getting lost or something.  But with adoptions number 2 and 3 we went all over the place!  It was great, lots of pictures and little shopping trips!  Okay, mostly shoes!  Just kidding!

I have to go take care of our sick little girl.  She is home today again...sounding horrible, but I spoke to the clinic yesterday and we have a plan of care for her!  So maybe in the next day or two she will be feeling much better!

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