Thursday, May 31, 2012

An Eventful Day!!...

I went back and read what we did five years ago.  Fun to go back and have something to remember the day by!!  The adapter was a BIG our rope to the outside world!  A little drama, but it was true...I had never been really out anywhere in my life, let alone fly 5000 miles away!!!  We survived!!  And wait until read what happened...

We got up very early as she had to go to her doctor for a check-up.  The jackets had to come on as it was windy and cooler!!  YEAH!!  Kristina loved her jacket that we brought for her!  And later did not want to take it off!  Our facilitator, a nurse that Kristina calls BaBa went with us as to the doctor's office.

It was a little ways away..seemed like 20 minutes.  MaMa (that's me!) was looking for a place to shop.  I think that I was having a Target or Wal-Mart withdrawl!!  And Tanya...a Kohl's one
as well!!

When we got there we climbed to the second floor..3 flights of one floor.  Kristina was kinda tired.. Then walked into a room that had about 6 nurses and one doctor looking at us!  Talk about intimidating!!!!  My goodness!!!  Both for her and us as well!!  The doctor spoke English!  Yeah for us!  He said that they were so happy that she would have a better future with us than here in Belgrade.  It made me emotional...can you believe it!  :)  His boss is the doctor that knows Dr McNamera personally.  Dr M  is VERY involved with CF and will be Kristina's doctor here in Minnesota.  The hospital where she will be, is accredited with the CF foundation!  God is very good to us!!

The swings were calling Kristina and she and her papa went out to play.  Our facilitator then brought Jovan (deformities with legs) out to me.  Oh, my goodness!!  What a cutie pie!!  He snuggled up to me, it made the nurses laugh..  He is adorable, but needs parents as they all do!!  He has a perfectly formed spine, although he has a few vertabrae that are not perfect. Spinal cord and neurologically he is fine.  He has the "institutional delay syndrome"!!!  But, cute as a button!!  Dan got to hold him too!!  He is on the same floor with Kristina...sad room he is in!!  Wait, Jovan was the little boy that was in a walker one day last week when we were there.  I didn't recognize he was at my knee level and not in my arms.  (This part is now, looking back five years later...who knew that holding him that day would start something, like a flower starting to bloom!  There is more days later about our little Jovan)

Then she had her treatments...then lunch.  Spanish rice kinda stuff.  She ate it, which surprised me.  It smelled spicey!  But, we were glad as we sometimes just make spanish rice with hamburger in it!  Yeah, one meal down!!  :)  After she ate we kissed her and said "Ciao".

We went home to eat and Dan went to find a store that might have had an adapter.  I made tuna sandwiches...interesting as we do not have Miracle whip....but they were not bad!  And we had peaches!!!  YUM!!!  Dan did not find an adapter..but was not going to give up!

To our surprise, my sister called!!  I had emailed my mother the phone number that our apartment manager helped me with..then my mom called.  Of course, I cried!!  Normally, I am not quite as emotional..maybe..but come's my mom!  :)  We chatted then we went off to see our daughter!

When we got there she was still sleeping..Yeah, as she had fallen asleep just about an hour before.  We sat and rested, waiting for her to wake up.  Dan went for a walk and I chatted with the nurses a bit.  The one we have trouble with was working.  She gives us no leway in what we do!  UGH!!  Anyway, I had just checked on her, and she was still in the same position she had been in about 1/2 ago that we had seen her.  Well, not more then 5 mins later she comes walking out half dazed!!  And she had on her 2 diapers.  She must have gone in and gotten her the other nurses let her wake up on her own and let us take care of her.  As we will be forever..but soon, so soon...she will be done!!  And God is really good as she does not work to often.  If she is working tomorrow we will not leave during her nap!

Anyway, we had our little snack in the little foyer..she looked so excited to sit there, and we were having a good time as a family.  So guess who comes out saying no no no..Kristina looked stunned.  She shooed us in the kitchen to take her pills.  UGH.  To make a long story short..she was on our case the rest of the afternoon.  We played and had a good time.  The day seemed long as Dan and I are tired.  We left a little earlier then we have in the past.  We had been leaving as late as 7pm..I know that being a parent, you can never "leave" early.  But as I explained to my husband...I would have been in my own home and it would be on my terms!

So, with supper made from the night before...I multi tasked..yeah!!  Better attitude you see!!  Anyway, I was determined to make that adapter work.  I was sure that God had given us such patience to deal with it.  Anyway, when we finished eating we had someone from our apartment rental office come to our door with the instructions to the washer and the dishwasher!!  I was so excited.  Mind you it took some time to figure it out.  Oh, the adapter..I got it to sit just right and it worked.  But we were afraid of having it go all night to charge the computer.  So, we were watching tv and I was emailing with the battery I had..then we get another bell.  It was yet another person from our apartment rental place, he had come to save the day!!  He gave us an adapter!!!!  Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So, now that it is VERY late..we have clean laundry and power!

Now one year ago we didn't do anything special with Srecko.  Just visited him twice that day and blew bubbles!  He was CRAZY for bubbles!!!!!  It became an obsession with the swings were an obsession with Kristina!  Guess what?  Those are still their MOST favorite things to do.  Bubble and swinging!!  But, you know that I am so thankful that they are able to choose what they want to do and just do it!  Of course with in reason!  And I learned how to make homemade bubbles so we will be all set this summer break!!  And swinging...we got that covered too!  Thank you God for my children!!

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