Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Our Meeting...

On Tuesday morning we got ready for our meeting with the adoption unit in Belgrade to find out more about Kristina.  I cried during most of it...actually tears just streamed down my face at a very fast pace.  I heard them tell us all about her and the reason that she was in the orphanage.  The whole time I was thinking about her mother and the choice she made to give Kristina up.  My heart just hurt thinking how hard that must of been, and to know she would never see her again.  I still have a pain in my heart...well not quite a pain but more like a passing sadness when Kristina passes a milestone or something like that.

Anyway after the information was shared, they asked us if we wanted to continue with the adoption.  And you all know that we said YES!!  But, a tiny part of me during that meeting thought that they would say no...like if they got a bad vibe from us or because I keep crying!  So I was so thankful that they seemed like we would be a good fit for Kristina.  Praise God actually!  And we had a lot of help before and during her adoption from someone in Belgrade that really loved Kristina.

THEN, we all piled into a small taxi and drove the less then ten minutes away to meet her!

Yes, indeed we met her!!  She had just woken up from a nap so she was a little groggy.  She came to me and I showed her toys that were in her bag...she loved the magna-doodle!  Her most prized possession that day was her tata (Serbian for daddy)!!!  The joy and excitement was so vivid on her little tiny face!  He was wrapped around her fingers so fast and my hubby was soaking it all in with joy!

The first picture of us as a family!  She looks scared but she wasn't...she was just wanting to be on the move!  We were one happy couple...let me tell you!  And the story continues...

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