Thursday, July 21, 2011


Tonight my hubby took our children to VBS. And I am alone. Well, not exactly as my grandma and two Dachshunds are sleeping. But I am alone...maybe lonely? I have the Waltons on tv in the back ground...for company and I also love the show!! :)

I could be doing so many things...scrap booking, catching up on emailing people, dishes :), reading, mowing the lawn or weed eating, so I have things to keep me busy...yet I am still alone.

Don't get me wrong, I am not just doesn't happen that often and I don't know what to do with myself!! I printed out some thing for the kids with chores and a schedule for me, and things for Srecko to learn to print. I guess I have been busy!

Today I looked at my tired children...they HAD to take naps!!! Going to vacation Bible school is very tiring!! :) I have three children!! Why does that still make my mind spin? It does seem like yesterday that it was just hubby and I! And now we are a family of FIVE!!

All of my children like very similar things which is wonderful. Let's see a couple of them are water, dirt, movies, and soap! :) When it was so HOT here a couple of days ago...we let them all play in the tub...not together though! We had inside picnics, movie on our bigger (hand me down from grandparents) screen tv, had ice cream, and just tried not to sweat! :) They wanted to go outside...but the heat index was so HIGH!!! Like between 105-125 for days!! Kristina can not sweat without having to keep her hydrated and enjoy a salty treat.

Let's see tomorrow marks six weeks that Srecko has been home...I can NOT believe that! He and I looked at some pictures today that I took while in Serbia. He was so excited to see some pictures of the playground...and of the play room we played it. But he was most excited to see a picture of his teacher from his school. And today I laid out the piles for each of the kids for school supplies...he knew what they were because we have home school here...brand new crayons, and markers, paper and pencils!! The joy that he has is a quiet peaceful joy!!

Now I think I am going to do some more research on home school stuff!

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