Saturday, July 23, 2011

Oh my...

Oh my this mama went for a short bike ride! I have not been on a bike in about 30 years!!! Let's just say I NEED to wear a helmet and practice turning!!! The kids were so excited to ride! We all have bikes but Jovan. He is getting a hand held pedal bike. But it is very expensive! So we can get a grant and pay for the rest. We can't wait!! The way he rides (we had him try it out) you would have thought he has been riding for years! :)

Because Jovan has a few obstacles to over come...we try extra hard to make things seem more normal. Not to baby him, but to make it some what easier to do what others can do. I think that this mommy is way more excited to have him get his bike then he is! Actually, it is the mommy that sees him long to be mobile like his siblings and it makes me a little sad. But on the other hand, in life you do not always get what you want. Isn't that the truth! And no my kids don't get every little thing they want, but a bike would be great and it would last him for YEARS!!

We have been home seven weeks and one day...and I want to know where the time has gone!! See, to me it feels like Srecko has been in our family for a LONG time!! He had his bed, his clothes, some of his very own toys and his blanket the my mom crocheted for him. Actually my mom crochets an afghan for each of my children...basically the same pattern with a little bit of her own design. Love them and so do the kids! Most days it felt like he was coming home...but there were a few that I was not sure...that made it so hard to wait patiently on the Lord! But you all know he is here and right now he is sleeping down the hall from where I am sitting! (Soon to be awakened to start the day.)

Hasn't been too much going on since last week...Srecko is learning to ask for things in sentences! Yah! He has the sweetest voice! Swimming is a hit with him...getting wet and even using soap are top things on his list. There is an EEG scheduled next week for him, don't know what those results will hold...but I know God will help us deal with whatever the results may be. And he finally gets to go and see about his feet and legs to see if braces of some sort will work for him. He has been what my kids call "mommy school".

Have to tell you a little first two kids have Leap Frog Leapsters (like a video game, but with learning as the emphasis) And I just looked two days ago into one for Srecko. Maybe thought there was a sale...and was going to purchase one for $50.00 with free shipping! Well, something said wait and I did. So yesterday I went into town with my mom to grab a few things for my nephew's birthday party and asked her if we could stop at the thrift store in town. (I still call it town, it has only about 3000 people and it has NOT changed in the 30 years since my parents moved us up here!) Anyway, we went and there was sale! Oh boy! So we quick looked around and in the toy department there it was! Just laying on the shelf for anyone to see. Yes, it was the Leapster I was looking at!! Oh, then I thought...what if it doesn't work...oh well it was only $5.50, but then WAIT...they were having a sale!!! And then it was only $3.75!!! I brought it home and put batteries in it to check...I was sad that it didn't work. Hubby said, let him look at it...and I had put the batteries in wrong and it WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, for $3.75 (oh plus tax) I got what I wanted for is in beautiful condition and the kids are showing him how it works and he loves it!

Well, got to go get those boys up...they would sleep all day if I let them sometimes. And I hear my grandma too. My daughter has been up for an hour... It's nice!


Anonymous said...

Way to bargain shop, woman! :)
So glad Srecko is fitting right in with y'all. Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, my kids are asking me to get a bike so we can ride together. I need to but not really looking forward to it! :)