Sunday, July 17, 2011


Right now I am struggling with my children's schooling. I/we are trying to decide if homeschooling is what would work best for my/our kids. For days and days I have thought and thought and talked and talked about it. Praying about many things run through my mind! One thing is for sure I want to do what God has chosen for them!

That being I have the discipline to home school?
do I have the patience to teach?
do I have the creativity?
and do I have the ??????

With that being said...I have the desire to see my children succeed!
I have the desire to go the extra mile for them in any way!
I have the desire to encourage them in their school work!
best of all I have the desire to help them past any limits they have!!

There hasn't been any one curriculum that I have stumbled kids need more help then typically developing kids. They need a firmer foundation then they have right now. But socialization is also very important to the children. So I have been thinking about letting them go to school for certain subjects or something similar to that. I have a friend from church who does that. So, I have to look into that option soon!

The internet is FULL of options, and even MANY many FREE things that will work for teaching. I have also collected a LOT of things from time to time to work with the kids on. But, none the less I have to keep praying about it. Hubby is with me and is strongly leaning towards the home school side of life. It's a tough decision...

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Mama said...

I understand what you are going through. When we were in the adoption process, we decided that I should homeschool Vlado. It made perfect sense because I have a degree in elementary ed. But, when we got him home, I realized that because he wasn't socialized much in his foster home, he needed the social aspect of school. Your little ones have each other which is wonderful! But I know the struggle of trying to figure out what is best for your child. I still doubt my decision as far as his education. He is doing great, but I wonder if I might do better. I just don't know. But I will pray that God's will shows itself soon. :)