Monday, February 22, 2010


Yep, got a phone call this afternoon from the school nurse. She told me that Jovan had a temp of almost 103. And asked if I could come and get him. Well YEAH!!! I cried and sobbed... My baby was sick. And I kinda lost it... Don't really know why.. Pathetic maybe?

So, I called the clinic when I got home and a left a message for the doctor. They called me back and told me that she could squeeze us in if we could get there by 3:15pm. Okay, is a twenty-five minute drive and it was almost 3pm. Jovan was sitting on the potty, Kristina was eating a snack, and the dogs had to go potty!!! But we made it there by like twenty-two minutes after. Fastest we have ever bolted from the house!!!

We got there, fever went down with the Motrin I gave him..then our WONDERFUL pediatrician came in and checked him out. Ears fine, did the strep test. He did AWESOME!!!!! He gag and then cheered when he was done! Perfectly executed!! :) It came back negative...but she was going to have them grow it out.

So, we then ran to our favorite store, um yeah, Target!! The kids LOVE yogurt and bananas, and it seems that I can never buy enough!! And I picked up Popsicles.. Came home and fed him soup... He went downstairs to watch a movie with Kristina, bedtime comes around and his temp is 102.3. I know temps are higher at night...but um enough for me!! Gave my baby some more Motrin and tucked him in. He kept saying he was hot. "hot mommy", "hot mommy" My poor baby!!!

I guess I am a mom...getting more experience by the day!! But, I am still a little sensitive when it comes to my kids being sick!!! I have a really good friend that would say "buck up buttercup!!!" :) And I will...

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Zactly said...

So sorry Jovan is sick. Hope he has a speedy recovery.