Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wanting the best...

As parents you want the best for your children, do we not? Sometimes wanting the best is not always what is best for your child. For the last week I have been thinking about the best thing for our doctor visit for Jovan. I have been concerned that we would do something that was not right for him.

But going to his appointment and meeting with his doctors made everything just right! The appointment went really well, got a LOT of information and now we are much better informed for the next step.

Jovan is getting wheels! He is so excited! We put him in one at the clinic, he buckled himself in, asked if he could go..said bye-bye and off he went. You would never know that he had never wheeled himself around before. The thrill to move where he wanted to go with ease was evident in the big smile on his face. And would you believe that this mommy did not get any pictures of that? DUH!! I was just stunned that he could move, excited that he can keep up with Kristina when she is riding her bike, and the list goes on.

It takes a while to get a wheelchair...measurements, trying them out, and of course having the insurance company see that it is something that he needs! (we have awesome medical insurance...thank you God!!!)
We are also getting him a walker for a second mode of mobility! I am so happy for making the decision to take him there. (Of course Dan decided too!!) :)

And I am even more excited that there is, within the clinic, a specialty area that works with kids that have mobility issues like the ones that our second son has.

Well, since I want the best...I must get my kids ready for bed and for school tomorrow. My grandmother is going to the doctor tomorrow...and after we are going to paint the town red!! That means we are going to grab a burger and head to the grocery store! Wahoo!! :) Now, I must help my son go potty...see ya!


~Morgan~ said...

How exciting that Jovan is gonna be getting wheels! I can't wait to see pictures of him zooming around after his sister and goodness won't the dogs love that! :) Love to you all!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Happy to hear that for Jovan. Where did you take him?
My hubby and son are leaving tomorrow for the wkend so I'll try to catch up with you in that time.
Take care, miss you all!