Friday, February 5, 2010

Valentines Day...

I have been wracking my brain to figure out what to do for the kid's and Dan.. The kid's are having a Valentine's Day party. And I am going to have them make their Valentine cards. We will see if they turn out. It's supposed to snow this outside play and making cards should fill it up! :)

In a post a few days ago I talked about those little Quip cards..well I started to use them, and what a thrill!!! Slipping them was as fun as watching my hubby's face light up!! I took picture's..cuz I take pictures of everything!!! (Even a toilet sign in our children's country!!!!)
The one above is in Dan's toiletry bag.. Dan is running the race to work to glorify God!!!!
I tucked the pooch one in his chair at the table!!! So cute!! And it is a Valentine one! I am going to use them for the kid's teacher's as well. I am volunteering that day, so I can tuck them on their desk!! :)

This one I tucked in his "blankie" on his chair. I LOVE this one!! And he liked it too!! So CUTE!!! Who wouldn't want a little card tucked and in my case..placed with love...and a little romance!! It made for a conversation piece! :) He was touched and knew he was loved!!

For us..our life has been busy with doctor visits and school, so little time for any dates or alone time. So, I have been trying to find cute inexpensive ways to surprise Dan. And it warms my heart that he enjoys them too!! As the appointments wind down..(more on that later) we are having more time again! But still need to be very inexpensive and WAY WAY more creative!! There are many cards...and many uses for them, so from time to time they will appear!! (It's okay he doesn't read the blog!!) And I am going to be able to slip them to other people. Can you tell that I am so excited to have found a gold mine of excitement!!!! :)

Better go, have many things to do. I'll post again soon!! :)

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