Thursday, February 23, 2012


Yes, they are brothers! They both wanted to have a mustache like daddy! Aren't they SO cute! Both of them were so excited to have that in common with daddy...their smiles couldn't have been bigger!

Yes, someday my little boys might grow mustaches like their daddy or maybe not. They are growing up and they are growing up brothers! My heart just overflows with love for them. To hear them imagine what they want to be when they grow up. (Which I hope take a long long time!) But all too soon they will be on their own.

Srecko told me a few days ago that he will be a bulldozer driver and have FIVE kids! Very clear on the five kids part. Kristina told him he should have six kids and he said NO just five. Wow, to think that he wants kids is nice...then I would have grand kids to love!

Jovan is content to do a job with something moving...he would absolutely LOVE to drive a fire truck! It is hard for this mama's heart because I know that will never happen. His legs will not allow him to perform that job. Praying that God will give Jovan a clear direction for his life!

The brother's went outside to play bulldozers and with the snow. God brought two little boys from the same orphanage five thousand miles away to be brothers forever! Thank you God for my two sons!

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Leah S. said...

So maybe he can't be a fireman, but he absolutely CAN drive a big truck!!! My ex is a Semi truck driver, and has a good friend who is a paraplegic who drives. Don't need your feet to drive those big trucks.