Monday, February 6, 2012

My boys...

I started this post the other day, even before I got people asking why I did just Kristina's pictures. I put up the earliest pictures I have until pretty recently. Sometimes I wish for those cute baby add to their photo albums.

Boys...who knew that I would have boys, other then God of course!! The boys really love the same things...Cars, trucks, fire engines, police cars...boy stuff to be sure! Swimming is other favorite activity of the boys! Srecko went into the pool (a deep regular pool) a few weeks ago for a special gym class. My hubby went with because it was his first time in a deep pool. After about five minutes he went on his own with a water flotation device and a life jacket. The excitement was evident on his face with a HUGE smile! Jovan was very hesitant in deep water...always has been, until this last trip to the pool. He was floating... Wish I had been there to take pictures!! Can't wait to go with them the next time!!

Let's see, the boys love to dig in the dirt...with dump trucks and diggers of course! If they could have dirt water and snow all year round they would be SO happy!! This winter they have had dirt and a teeny tiny bit of snow...the water came when the teeny tiny snow melted.

I am a mother to boys...never in my wildest dream did I think God would bless me with TWO boys!! They are rough and tough and so awesome to have around. Brothers through and through!!! God thank you for my boys they are wonderful!!!

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