Thursday, September 25, 2008


Isaiah 25:1 (NIV) O Lord, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done marvelous things, things planned long ago.

I have been thinking about all of my blessings that God has given me. Not just the good stuff...but also the lessons that I have learned! Sometimes we forget to praise and thank God..maybe asking instead of praising! The above verse made me realize that God has had my life planned out. Like He knew who I was, as he created me! :) My life will be laid out in front of me know matter how I choose to live. But, if all I want is to follow God...then I will be blessed. Not that I expect all the good stuff...but looking in my heart I want to serve God above all else!

With trusting God and waiting on the Lord, I am learning SO much!! My life is changing and it is so fun...stopping to think of my blessings! Getting excited to see what I can learn. Adopting John is a desire of my will God use my desire to glorify Him? Let me adopt?, and be able to tell people about two miracle children? Maybe? Maybe he will use my desire and show how not letting me have my desire He will also be glorified! How awesome is that. Wow, getting excited at how this plans out...Cool beans!

Now I am getting excited! People that know me, know that I am emotional...and I could just Shout to the Lord!! Waiting is getting mind is just blown away! What am I going to learn in the next day? next hour? next minute? next second?

So when you read this..think of your blessings, the last time you waited on the Lord. Did you get what you wanted? Did God teach you something? Were you thankful no matter what? Maybe you are waiting for something HUGE!! Like adopting, new job, a boy/girlfriend, your house to sell, money or anything else! Be thankful that you have God to trust in all He will do it according to His will and definitely His own time!

Well, better go and get things's raining and Sesame Street is I can be free! :) Kristina talking to Elmo! She LOVES him!!

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