Sunday, September 21, 2008


Okay, this post will be in all dark blue for my husband! I miss him! The old saying you don't miss something until it's gone! Well....I missed him while I was packing for him!

My husband is a kind and gentle man and the best dad any girl could ask for. My words just are so many when I think of him. Loving, funny, thoughtful, generous, sincere, kind, flexible, open minded, cute, kinda sexy... :), and best of all he loves God!!

I forgot to say that I prayed and asked God to fill my heart with His love...I couldn't stand waiting for a husband, and could He please take the desire away..then I asked God to bring me a man to be my husband...if it was God's will that I was to marry. Two weeks went by and then Dan transferred to our location...

Dan and I met nineteen years, one month and twenty three days ago. We met at a group home for delayed, disabled adults and older teens. He had transferred from another location. I avoided him like the plague!!!! (I was boy crazy since I could remember...and since he was the only single male....there had to be NO attachment!) Well, one night we got stuck working together...let's just say we only spoke when we had to. Well, then came time when everyone was in bed and we were doing the charting...a Vikings pre-season game was on. Then it happened...yep, we started talking.

On his birthday we went with two other married couples to see the movie Turner and Hooch. We sat next to each other. (A plan by the other couples!) During the movie there was a sad part and tears and sniffles followed. He patted my knee. My knee went warm...but I ignored it. I found out he was seeing someone else. Well a few weeks went by and we continued to talk..then I said, I didn't want to get to know him any better since he had a girlfriend. (Basically, it was her or me.) Guess who he chose?

One month to the day, he asked me to marry him. I said yes. Now mind you, we had not yet gone a date with just the two of us...and I did not tell him I loved him just yet. (That took a little while) But, I knew that he was supposed to be my husband. Weird, I know...that is God for you.

We got married five months later...and here we are today! Much in love and crazy! Or is that crazy with much love? I am so very thankful that God answered my prayer in two weeks after I gave my desire to be married up to Him! God is GOOD! Even if I was not married...that would have been God not me with that decision. I trust God! Always will not matter what!


Anonymous said... two....:)

windsunsurf said...

After sum many years, I know these two plus two plus two four legger pooches. Yep I agree, some weird thing happened in their lives. They know the Lord Jesus amongst all of the wonderful things that surround them.

I am Da or pops.