Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Well, that is a powerful word! Do we all know the meaning? The Bible says..to stay, serve, or attend to; to patiently anticipate... Okay, there is the p word! Patiently! But, guess what! I am good with that now. I have been quiet and PATIENTLY waiting for God to talk to me. He has and so much in fact that I can't even talk as fast as I am learning!

Calming is also happening with the patient part..can't explain it really! God is good! All the time God is good! No matter what! I can honestly say that! Peace...what is going to happen? I told friends today that it is almost more exciting to learn what God has to teach me then hearing about Jovan.

And speaking of Jovan, I got an email this morning that said that our motivation letter is with the ministry. Wow, wasn't expecting an email...too busy listening and having a blast talking to God! My goodness...we will see what God's will is. My mom prayed this morning and asked God to give him parents...well, we will just see what God does. Isn't it EXCITING!!! It's like a drama, and you are waiting for the ending on the end of your seat! My edge of the seat is getting worn out as is the actual seat waiting for God's will!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

hi there I just found your blog by chance but your little boy (Jovan?) your hoping do adopt is also listed on reece's rainbow's "other angels" page? You may look into this and let them know you have committed to adopt him, and it may also give you a good avenue to fund raise as they have family sponsorship pages.