Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kristina Faith

That is my daughter!! She is truly a gift from God!! Just a few things about her...then her story will come later. She is outside playing right I have a few minutes. Kristina was adopted one year four months and twelve days ago. She was born in Eastern Europe. God was truly in charge of her adoption!

We are so very blessed to have her...she is quite the unique child. Loving, gentle, sweet, smart, and so full of life! Now for the other side! She loves to get dirty and collect bugs! ICK!! Yesterday she was calling fo me...I went to the window, and there she was holding a bug! Here is the funny part, she can't stand bugs if they are in the house or car. She just freaks! Don't quite understand that one! :)

English is coming along for her...some of her first words were: mommy, daddy, puppy, Jesus, eat, potty. She speaks so much more...everyday is amazing listening to her! She even told me that Jesus was at home a few months after we got home. I was stunned..I asked her where Jesus was at home? She said in her heart. We did not go over that so much that it would have stuck out at her...or so I thought. It was basically out of the blue one night getting ready for bed. We have been really giving her more and more to chew on about God. She mentions things from time to time that blow me away.

So, she is truly a gift from God! I love her to peices!! Some days I still can't believe she is here! To be given such a gift...WOW!! More and more can be said about her, but I have things to do. Grandma is coming and a few things need to get done! :)

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Anonymous said...

Tam- This is so fun, reading your thoughts. I feel like I'm right there with you. Kristina truly is a blessing to you two! And she's got great parents. We're praying for you in whatever comes next.
Love, Jamey