Wednesday, September 17, 2008


What is time? Whose time? Your time? My daughter's time? My mother or father's time? My sibling's time? My husband's time? My time?

NO!!!!! God's Time!!!! That's whose time!!

I have been struggling with that! Not listening to my husband when he kept telling me that it is God who will decide if/when we will adopt. I finally listened this weekend! It hit me like a sharp rock! Thanks God!! Then again on Sunday, our pastor said the same thing in his sermon! Thanks again God! Got the message! Praise God for his love and patience!!!!!

So many things to learn...and I am so old! :) It has actually been quite a calming last few days...realizing that this whole adoption process is in God's time. We are doing a lot of things to keep busy and waiting for God. We are going to take Kristina on her first out of state trip. Okay, so we are only going to Iowa...but hey its out of state! And we are going with her grandmother that lives in Arizona. Good times! Next weekend mommy and daddy are going to a marriage like seminar at church. It is Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage. We always try to do things like that whether we need them or not. And to laugh along with my cool! Or is it to laugh at him? Just kidding! :)

ALL and EVERYTHING I have ever needed is God!! The things that I do have are a HUGE!!! blessing!! I am truly am satisfied with my life and everything in it! It's not that I am looking for more excitement and feel the need to adopt. Besides the fact that I fell in love with him the first moment that I held him, I want to teach him about God! And how AWESOME He is!! God gave him life, and is holding him in his arms! Our son is protected by his true and loving Father! Can anyone understand this rambling? There are so many things going on in my head! Listening to God and keeping the faith to keep listening and trusting God!

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