Thursday, June 4, 2009


According to the Webster's dictionary: a person whom one knows well and is fond of: an ally, supporter or sympathizer.

Who do you know that falls under that category for you. Are your lines loose and anyone that is breathing a friend? Would you consider a co-worker a friend? How about someone who isn't like you? Or how about a person that just is in the same group as you? For example.. a church group, sports team, knitting circle (don't even know if there are anymore of those out there) :)

You get my meaning. For me it is people that I know very well, and some I have only emailed, people at church, even people that are employees at Super Target. :) So, my lines for friendship are a little wider then others..

I have people I have met just by having this blog that I would love to consider as a friend. The support, the encouragement, the tears, the prayers, the laughter, even the sadness we go through. We do it together.

When I think of my on-line friends, they are people that I pray for often! A lot of them are adopting right now..or have come home with a new family member. My heart aches and rejoices right along with them!

And of course I can't forget those who I have met and have known for a little time or a LONG LONG time (hum, wonder who I am talking about? J) My heart has room for all kinds of friends! I had an online friend (and one I have talked on the phone with) help me with a huge bank was having trouble wiring money and she gave me her info that she used.. How awesome was that!! To me that was HUGE!!! And I am so thankful!

There is a website that sells these cute little cards. They are called Quip Cards. But, they are not your same old cards..these are like a business size card. There is a picture on them with a little quip. Something funny, encouraging, a reminder, just because..all kinds of reasons. The kids section is great too! What a way to motivate, encourge and remind. Kristina loves them even though she can't read yet! The reason they are special is that you can put them anywhere. My husband has one that he LOVES..and holds tight! They can go in a lunch box, brief case, visor, book, on a co-workers desk, even straight in a hand. I am getting some to pass out at church.. It's a thrill, not only because they are so cute and small, it's always unsuspected. What a thrill!!! What a rush!! What a great way to show a form of friendship! (Okay, so there are some with a little romance behind them!) hee hee

Check it out.. I have a button on the side of my blog as well. And remember and be thankful for the friends you have!!



I love your post!!! I feel the same way about you. I hope we can meet sometime soon...

Anonymous said...

I miss you! Don't think we'll be making it up that way now. We've had rain (of course, unusally so!) and things are behind here. But the rain is also making the hay grow so that will be needing to be done sooner than expected too. UGH! Farming...Did I once say I wouldn't marry a farmer? :)