Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Still here...

Been so busy! So much to blog..but most important is this. Adoption is not an easy option to have children. Some similar things..lose of child due to natural causes or red tape. With adoption you need to pay for it up front. Insurance does NOT cover anything! So, the cost is huge all pretty much at once.

Many families that I have met online need help coming up with the up front cost of their adoptions. So, from time to time they have fundraisers..and here is one from a family that is adopting a son/s from Eastern Europe. And they are giving away a mini Dell laptop. Here is her description of what to do to have a chance to win.

We are very excited to announce that we have a brand new DELL MINI 10 LAPTOP to give away as a thank you to those who donate to our adoption fund!!!!!The Mini 10 is Alpine White(as pictures above) and is brand new in the original box straight from Dell. It has a 10.1” monitor and comes with Windows XP, a wireless card, a built in web cam, a one year limited warranty and much more!In an effort to raise the remaining money needed for our attorney fees, we will be giving away this laptop to someone who donates toward our adoption fund any time from now until July 3rd.
There are several ways to get multiple chances to receive this lap top:1.) Donate toward our adoption anytime between today and July 3rd. Donations can be made via the pay pal link on the side bar or through regular mail.2.) Help us collect donations. We have a few friends who are helping us spread the word by asking for donations and giving out tickets to people who donate. If you’d like to do this, contact me for information on how to get your tickets.3.)Refer a friend and get them to donate toward our adoption. This works a lot like #2 accept that you can do this through your blog, email, online forums, etc.
If you help us spread the word about our fundraising and find people to donate toward our adoption, you will receive an extra entry into the drawing for each person that donates because you told them about our fund raisers! In this case, the person donating can put your name in the notes section or you can email me and let me know once their donation is made.Everyone who donates money toward our adoption from now until July 3rd will receive a ticket number that will be valid for this drawing.
If you send your donation via pay pal, please make sure the email address is valid. Otherwise, send the correct email address in the notes section of the pay pal transaction. You should receive a ticket number via email within 24 hours of donating to our adoption account.If you’d like to donate to our adoption via regular mail, any donation in increments of $5 will count toward one entry in the drawing ($5=1, $10=2, $15=3, etc.). If the donation is made via pay pal, donations made in increments of $6 will count toward one entry in the drawing($6=1 entry, $12=2, $18=3, etc). This is because pay pal will take the extra money to cover their fees!If you’re interested in donating via regular mail or in helping us collect donations so that your friends and family can have a chance at the lap top too, please contact me at: shele337@yahoo.comAny questions can also be sent to the same email address.

So, if you want a chance at a lap top..then better donate now! You have till July 3rd! Wow, not much time! And from time to time I will be adding other give aways and chances to win items..and in turn you will help an orphan win the biggest prize of all!! A family!!

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