Monday, June 15, 2009


Today I was working in the kitchen and down the hall comes Kristina scooting on her rear end. She said "I Jovan mommy" My heart broke! She hasn't seen Jovan in two years..because of his lower limb issue he scoots. Does she remember? I don't know.

I did tell her that Jovan won't stand up tall like she can. But she can help him reach things he can't. We don't even talk about his legs. It made me miss him so much!! I can't wait to go!

She is outside playing with her almost two year old nephew. They play so well together! He is such a good baby! My parent's dog came over for a visit today too. Her name is Muffin and she is the same color as Calvin..only she is on the plump side. :) She is an only dog, her sister was I think it is good for the dogs to play together. Wonder how Jovan will be with them? Kristina was nervous for about a week. We tried to get her to understand "puppy". There was a dog at the orphanage, but he always barked. We would say nice puppy.. and hoped that she understood.

Better get lots to do. I am working on his room and our closet. When daddy gets home we need to fill up Kristina's pool and unload the truck with boards and such at grandma and grandpa's! :)

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