Saturday, June 6, 2009

The mind of a child...

The mind of a child can be at times so cute. (sometimes mommy has a very hard time not laughing) Kristina and I were coming home from my parent's house..and we were talking about the rain that was coming down and not going up.

I was telling her how the rain was good for the flowers, trees, lakes, and grandma's garden. Then she asked if she could go outside, and I said no, it was raining. She said why? "I have jacket, and hat on." So cute..maybe just was so cute to me. Then she asked when the snow would come and I said not until after Jovan comes home. Then she said in the most desperate drawn out sentence.. I neeeeeeed Jovan!! Because you see, she LOVES the snow!

Love that child to pieces!! I have been her mother 2 years and 1 day!! God is soooooooo good to me!

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