Friday, June 5, 2009

Today is...

Two BIG things... I became a mother for the first time and it is Kristina's "gotcha" day! She is my first child! (my hubby's too!) And what a gift from God, she truly is! I am taking time while she is doing her treatments, to just post a little.

I can still remember life before becoming Kristina's mother. Dan and I lived life..had(ve) a very happy marriage, did and traveled many places. But since becoming a parent..what a change of pace! :)

My dream to be a mother has been since around age FIVE! A very LONG, LONG time! :) I became a mother twelve days before my forty-ith birthday. What a gift! What a blessing!

Yesterday almost brought tears to me eyes. Well maybe my eyes were a little moist. My daughter and I were watching my all time favorite tv show! Eating popcorn for an afternoon snack watching Little house on the Prairie!!! That was so awesome. I'll get her hooked yet! :) Dan and I have visited many Laura Ingalls Wilder historic places! Our favorite is in Missouri!
We have been there several times. The site we would like to go is in Kansas. That is still an okay drive from MN.

Well, I was just informed that we are not going out to eat, but cooking at home and there are more people coming. So it is up to my grandmother and myself. My dad who is an awesome cook is NOT helping! Thanks Dad! :) I knew I should have picked up Cool-Whip yesterday! So, my posting must end and my party planning begin. YIKES!


Zactly said...

Congratulations to your family!! I am sure you are all blessed very much by each other.

Trisha, Duane, and Family said...

Oh how wonderful!!! Congrats on your precious little girl. She is a cutie!!! Many blessings...Trish