Thursday, June 25, 2009


Tonight as I sit and blog, my little baby girl is in the hospital. She is being pumped with antibiotics to "kill a bug" in her lungs. We tried oral meds but they weren't quite strong enough. I took her to the hospital and daddy (he left work a little early) met us there. (good thing!!)

I could not breathe and had such pain in my heart. Owie! It was hard to be there as a patient, as I worked there for five years. So, I knew in my head things would be okay..but my heart hurt. My niece came with as she stayed with us for a couple of a distraction for Kristina and me! :)

Dan left to take her soon as he left, in walked the team to put in her IV and draw blood. I was proud of myself..not to many tears and a pretty clear voice. It took three times. She has so much scar tissue in her veins..hard to find a good one. Then I found out the has to been re done every three days..she will be in a minimum of a week. Uffda

It was many hours before we saw the doctor. But it was her doctor..not a colleague of his. He explained EVERYTHING!! Thanks doctor M It was overwhelming..oh my, but this is what we need to do. Because of her CF we need to really blast it out of her body. They are so close to a cure for CF, maybe in her lifetime? God knows that answer!

I cried on the way was a long ride home. My heart still aches..but its softer now. Almost home I cried harder when I realized how good God is! He loves me and knows what I need! 1) I have a WONDERFUL, LOVING, KIND, THOUGHTFUL, BEAUTIFUL husband. He is staying the night shift and I will come in the morning. 2) I have to wonderful friends that work there that come in the morning and said they would check on her. 3)KRISTINA'S doctor is working over the weekend. 4) I have a mother that sacrificed her day to take care of my grandmother who was cranky and worried about Kristina. 5)My family is understanding that I have a little bit more stress from time to time.. 6)I am a child of God and He knows what I need when I need IT!

And of course..

There is my little boy hanging out waiting for his mommy and daddy to come and bring him home. When we hit the ten month mark I wanted to post but was so ill.. We waited/are waiting for him to come home..but it is not in vain! He is coming! We are preparing a place for him..just like our Father in heaven is preparing a place for us!! It gave me goose-bumps!! Wow!

I was reading another blog, and the family is having a little trouble bringing their son home. Daddy went back after the waiting period..then they ran into a snag with some test results. He is soooo very close to bringing him home..please pray that God will be involved in the situation and give peace to that family..and give them the strength to persevere!

My wish is that I can finish Jovan's room before Kristina comes home..wouldn't daddy be excited! (he can't read this because it is blocked at work and on the hospital laptop on loan to us) :) I think that I am going to ask got for the strength to do it...

Well, my four legged little boys want their mommy. Grandma just isn't quite the same. But they sure love her! And gotta get a good night sleep (who am I kidding)..I have been up in the night praying and praying!! And singing songs! Cooper just brought me a ball..big hint I'd better go! Keep praying!! We all can use it and God sure takes care of us!



Tammy ,
We will be praying for you all..
Kristina is a strong little girl...We hope she gets better very soon..


Zactly said...

Hope Kristina gets to come home soon Tammy. Sorry she is ill. You all are in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Tam - I'm sure you know already, but we are praying for you and Kristina too. (we do all the time anyway!) You know she is in a good place for her care, which I hope eases your burden somewhat. We're praying that Kristina gets better sooner than expected and gets to come home early. ;)
We miss you all!
Robert, Logan and Molly too

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

I did not know your daughter had CF- Wow. We know a lot about that- Rich has it in his family and he is a carrier. I'll be praying for you and BOTH your babies!!!