Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Country Living...

Yep, sometimes it's at it's best! We really don't live in the country..just three miles out of town. But we do have our own sewer and water well. I am thankful that we have hook up to natural gas with the city. Anyway, I am really a city girl at heart! But God had His own plans..we live about two and a half miles from my parents. So we can take care of my grandmother and help my dad out with yard work and such. Which is a huge blessing!!!! (But, my mom and God have always known I wanted to live close to my parents.)

All the rambling leads me to this..if you are weak in the stomach..better not read any farther! Last night Dan found a little bit of water in the furnace room he was investigating I pulled the plug on Kristina's bath water..yep, you guessed it..we had a clog! OH! MY! So all evening I was scrubbing the floor. Can I say I LOVE Clorox!! It was late when I was done. My family knows what a freak I am with Clorox! Learned that from my mother!! :)

Dan and I sleep just beyond that area..and it was smelling okay..had the windows open. (God gave us a great evening of COOL temperatures!!) Thank you God! Such a huge thing! After "sleeping" for about an hour or so..the Clorox smell was a wee bit powerful! So we went up and laid in the living room. I did not sleep..too many things running in my head..and praying!! No crying though..wee bit too tired for that! :)

This morning Kristina and my grandmother got up early! Of course! :) Asked my grandma to make "oatman" and I read a color book with Kristina. She is having a little trouble with some colors. So as we were eating I remembered something from a long time ago..and I just burst out laughing!!'s more of the weak stomach part. Since I grew up just a few miles from here I also grew up with a sewer and well. But as a girl..who paid attention to that? Not me, or until on winter night about 1984. My dad called me and one of my sisters clue why. It was night time..well he wanted to go fishing. Little did I know it was in the outside sewer tank. Our system was backed up. Maybe a frozen pile of Oak leaves..something like that. He made two long poles with nails on the end. So, as the oldest at home, I laid down with my face right over the hole..I was able to "fish" something out. As I was raising it up very close to my face, I realized it was a dead frozen CAT!! Oh, did I SCREAM!! So loud and blood curdling that my mom and other sister froze inside and did not want to come out to see what happened.

It is now a HUGE joke..and when something icky happens..we always remember that! So, I am SO thankful to God for an easy fix for us last night! We are having our tank emptied this morning..any time now! God is so good, He takes care of us like a father on earth does. But, God is so much better..and can see way beyond a "human" father. God knows and has known me from way before I was in my mom's tummy. Sometimes I just marvel at that. God knows everything! How I am going to handle the dead cat's and the miracle times as well!! :) I told my mom this morning I was DEAD tired. But, just as I said that..God whispered in my ear..the joy of the Lord is my strength! So, I am going to Clorox one more time and rinse and put back my painting supplies.

Just thought I would share.. Aren't you all glad! The tank is emptied and now to get on with my day. :)

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